Enchanted Kingdom LLC? - Join the investigation!

I love making researches on my own. But this time I would invite the readers of my blog for a "joint-investigation"!

In a 2010 creditors claim against the Michael Jackson Estate an unknown MJ company's name appeared, called "Enchanted Kingdom LLC". The company is registered in Nevada, still active and is managed by John Branca for a while.

If you have any knowledge of this company, POST your information as a comment!

On a sidenote, The Michael Jackson Company LLC has been just incorporated in California as well due to the Howard Mann case.


Another New Michael Jackson Song

Just a title: Stop Throwing Your Life Away (2010 Remix)


9 New Michael Jackson Song Titles

New Michael Jackson song titles, that MJ recorded with Michael Durham Prince and Theron Feemster in 2009!

Bang Your Head
Broken Chair
Don’t Make Me Stay
Lady of Summer
Red Eye
Silent Spring


Property Ownerships

I have been asked about the Hayvenhurst home ownership in a previous post.

The Hayvenhurst estate is still jointly owned by the Michael Jackson Estate and LaToya Jackson. As well they jointly own the other Encino home.

As an interesting tidbit: both properties are under rebilding at the moment (Hayvenhurst estate applied for rebuilding on March 3, 2010; Encino estate applied on August 10, 2010). Both properties will be developed with an ultra-modern heating, ventilating and air-conditioning system amongst others.

Neverland is still owned by Sycamore Valley Ranch Company LLC.

According to the documents all property taxes are paid, and no intention for selling them.


Jackson Family Businesses

Following the recent months' continous feud between the Jackson family and the Michael Jackson Estate, I have made some researches on how the family operates on business levels.

The key person in the family is MJ's mother, Katherine Jackson who resides on the Encino compound jointly owned by LaToya and the MJ Estate. MJ's father, Joe Jackson rents a condo in Las Vegas. The connection between the two is Henry M. Lowell.

Lowell is an old friend and business partner of the family. I have found some ventures he launched with Joe in the early 90's, their most recent one has been establised late last year under "Falcon Hawk Entertainment LLC". However none of these businesses produced any serious money.

Katherine along with some other family members owns Unique Wood Designs Inc., the company that holds the ownership of the Gary family home. The company is operated by Lowell as well.

Katherine and Joe with some other individuals established the Jackson Family Charitable Foundation and the Jackson Development & Marketing Corporation. According to a document sent from the family to Gary's major:

"The Jackson Family Foundation, a not for profit organization, was established by Joseph and Katherine Jackson for the purpose of developing the Jackson Family Museum and Michael Jackson Performing Arts & Culture Center and Concert Hall, and Michael Jackson Memorial Pavilion to be built in the birthplace of the Jackson musical family; Gary, Indiana. In addition, Simon Sahouri as the president of the Jackson Family Foundation and the Jackson Development and Marketing Corporation is to spearhead the entire projects.

The Jackson Development and Marketing Corporation has been created as a for profit company to develop and operate the project. It will be responsible for the overall development, management, and general operations of the entire Jackson Family Center. The Jackson Family Foundation will manage and facilitate the philanthropic work of the foundation."

Lowell was the key instrument in getting together the Jacksons, Howard Mann and Melissa Johnson.

Another name that often pops up in the Jackson family business is Simon Sahouri, Joe's financial advisor from Las Vegas.


Fake Heal The World Foundation Items and Donations

In the Michael Jackson Estate vs. Melissa Johnson case the MJ Estate claims that Johnson used her fake Heal The World Foundation and MJ's name to gain money.

Below I send some websites where you can see yourself how Johnson misleads people to collect money:

AllGood Entertainment vs. Michael Jackson Estate - Updates

New information in the above titled case:

- AGE had a March 8, 2011 deadline to properly file their appeal. If they don't do so, the case will be dismissed. They missed the deadline again by not submitting the appeal in the proper form. Therefore the court allowed them 2 more days to file the documents, that they missed as well. It seems but still not confirmed that the case will be dismissed early next week.


Michael Jackson Estate vs. Melissa Johnson - Updates

More updates in the above titled case:

- A trial date has been appointed for April 19, 2011.

- The witness list has been filed. You haven't seen all these names on one page yet: Melissa Johnson, Melvin Wilson (officer for Johnson), Evan Spiegel (former MJ attorney), Mark Harrison (former MJ attorney), Michael Kane (accountant for the MJ Estate and MJ), Howard Mann, Evvy Tavasci (former MJ assistant), John Branca, Karen Langford (MJ Estate attorney), Fekix Sebacius (Bravado representative), Kristen Fancher (MJ Estate attorney), Brian Oxman, Raymone Bain, Van Alexander, Grace Rwamba, John Grant (domain name specialist), Katherine Jackson, John McClain, Stuart Backermann, Frank DiLeo, etc.
Just by looking at this list we can say that this will a final, big breakdown of all the dirty people in MJ's world.

- Johnson's attorney filed an objection against the MJ Estate's supplemental document, claiming that Johnson is entitled for all the copyrights and running her fake charity because MJ in his life didn't have problems with her work.

- Almost 2.000 items has been filed with the court as evidences.

If this case will really go on trial, that will be a hard but fast win for the MJ Estate.


VintagePopMedia.com Has Been Removed

Howard Mann's company website has been removed recently. Under VintagePopMedia.com an empty page appears for now.

As I have reported about previously, the Michael Jackson Estate claimed in their case that VintagePopMedia.com has an image on it's home page thar infriges MJ's copyrights. Mann in his answere said that the dance move in the logo wasn't invented by MJ.

Even if VintagePopMedia.com will be back online, it say a lot how JacksonSecretVault.com has been changed in the past weeks.

Michael Jackson Estate On Probate Court - Updated

I have reported about a March 15, 2011 hearing regarding the sale of a real property owned by the MJ Estate.

Until now it wasn't clear what this motion is about. On March 2, 2011 an objection has been filed by Genevieve Jackson, Randy Jackson Jr., Donte Jackson and Alejandra Jackson. So this motion might be about the eviction of Alejandra and her co. from the Hayvenhurst family home. And/or the offer made to her by the MJ Estate to move them into the other Encino house the Estate owns.


Michael Jackson Estate vs. Melissa Johnson - Updates II.

More updates from the above titled case:

- On March 1, 2011 John Branca and Melissa Johnson sat down to settle the case, unsuccessfully. It means that the case will go on trial most likely.

- In a new deposition Johnson describes the story of getting in touch with the Jacksons. She claims that Katherine and Joe's manager, Henry Lowell reached out to her, started the discussions and finally introduced her to Mann.

- Johnson organised a meeting about HTWF on November 19, 2010. She got Katherine and Joe there and they decided on to merge Johnson's fake charity, and MJ's real foundation that she took over fraudently. As well they agreed on include Katherine and Joe in the board of directors. On the very same meeting they agreed on the HTWF and Vintage Pop licensing agreement.

In my opinion Johnson once might have been a great fan of MJ. But over the years something went wrong. Bothering MJ's team with expired domain names tells a lot, but that was just the beginning, and now we can see that her mental conditions dropped even more. Because of her colorful imagination she feels entitled to committing frauds and misleading people. The questions is, how big part of her motivation comes from financial issues?
If her case goes on trial, it will break down immediaetly. This whole circus is just about the American justice system, where the MJ Estate has to fight against these cases as well.

Michael Jackson Estate vs. Melissa Johnson - Updates

The recent updates in the above titled case:

- The MJ Estate filed a supplement with more allegations against Johnson. Amongst others they claim that Johnson contacted Jackson family members for supporting the fake Heal The World Foundation. Some family members even have been appointed as board members for HTWF.

- The MJ Estate claims that Johnson lied to many of the authorities, fraudently revived MJ's original HTWF saying that she has been asked by MJ to do so (according to the papers the foundation has been suspended due to non-payment of fees). Then she merged MJ's foundation with her fake one and appointed herself as the president of the survival foundation.

- The MJ Estate claims that on or around July, 2010 Johnson contacted someone around the family, and through him was able to reach Katherine and Joe Jackson, as well MJ's kids. They all have been involved with the fake foundation.

- Johnson's claims are relaying on a letter from Brian Oxman recollecting a conversation from 2005 saying: "This letter will confirm that in February, 2005, Mr. Michael Jackson instructed me to inform you that he approved of your proposals regarding Heal the World Foundation and requested that you act on behalf of the Foundation to preserve and protect it and its trademarks. Mr. Jackson instructed me to inform you to keep the Foundation active, work on behalf of the Foundation to promote its purposes and goals, run the Foundation’s operations, and revive its corporate status.”
The problem is that Oxman wasn't MJ's attorney (represented Joe at the time), and the letter itself didn't empower Johnson to take over HTWF.

- In December, 2010 Johnson entered into a licencing agreement with Mann despite the court order that prohibited her from using anything related to MJ. Even her agreement with Mann said that the two won't do anything until the case will be closed down. Opposite to this Mann organised an event in December where he mentioned HTWF as well used MJ's name, and did so continually since then together with Johnson.

- The MJ Estate claimed that Johnson and Mann continually misled the public in the appearances and interviews.

- Johnson claims in her deposition that MJ appointed her as a director of HTWF, but she never saw the actual document of this.

- All the above mentioned claims can be proved through various depositions from the past 2 months.

- A tidbit: In it's first 3 years MJ spent $21 million through HTWF.

More to come tomorrow...


Michael Jackson Estate vs. Howard Mann - Updates

Howard Mann's lawyers responded to the Michael Jackson Estate's claims in the above titled case. Below you may read of some interesting points:

- Mann didn't infringe the This Is It copyrights, because it has been posted on a social media website (note: JacksonSecretVaults.com has not been marked as a social media website until the lawsuit has been filed. As well the image has been put into the website's layout, what's been owned by Mann's Canadian company).

- Mann claims that he is entitled to use the MJ drawings in Katherine Jackson's book, because he has a licence agreement from the material's co-owner.

- Mann refers on more points to the 2005 court order regarding the memorablia, and says that MJ even lost his property rights, interests and titles.

- Mann says that the pose in the Vintage Pop Media logo hasn't been invented by MJ, but it has been on for decades before him (note: this is a very weak excusion, who wouldn't think of MJ looking at the logo?).

- Mann claims that Katherine thanked for the MJ Estate in her book, because she thanked them for letting her preserving MJ's memories. And not for acting as MJ's Estate endorsed the book. (note: should I say anything?).

- Mann claims that MJ and Janet had ownerships in Jackson Communications Inc., the company that caused Henry Vaccaro's take over the family memorablia.

- Mann claims that the original Jackson family restaurant network was intended to be named as "Jackson Street".

- Mann confirms that Vaccaro is a member of Vintage Pop Media LLC, that currently owns the memorablia. He defines himself as a consultant of Vaccaro and business partner of Katherine.

- According to the documents MJ first wanted to get back his items in May, 2002. Two years later MJ's lawyers even started to threaten Vaccaro, because of exploiting his items.

- Mann claims that the MJ Estate or Sony might have violate their copyrights with releasing the Destiny song in 2009 (note: when did they get ahold of the copyrights of this song?).

- Mann claims on many points that MJ had the chance to remove his personal items from the collection, but refused to do so (note: then Mann's lawyers filed a 2002 court paper that clearly states: MJ's lawyers didn't know that any of his personal property left in the collection, and if anyone could sell them).