L. Londell McMillan Still Works For Michael Jackson

Despite to recent rumors, L. Londell McMillan still works for Michael Jackson as his managing lawyer.

McMillan appeared in a TV show today where he met with Linda Kiraly a young Hungarian singer.

McMillan: "Hello Linda, it's nice to meet you again!"
Linda: "Nice to meet you too!"
McMillan: "Sorry for being late, I've had a 1.5 hour long phone conversation with the biggest star on the world."
Linda: "Hmm... was that Prince... or Michael Jackson?"
McMillan: "That was the King of Pop himself."

Video for download: [tomorrow]

Picture with McMillan on the left.

Jackson's New Trademark Registration

Michael Jackson registered the "Thriller 25" logos as trademarks at the end of May.

The applicant / owner is Jackson himself.

The attorney representing him is L. Londell McMillan. This news dispels previous rumors about McMillan's departure from the Jackson team.


New Michael Jackson Tribute CD From Sony!

You read it first here:

Sony BMG Music Entertainment will release a new Michael Jackson CD this August (presumably on the 26th).

The tracklist will differ in every country where it will be released.

The company plans to work closely with the fans on the content of this new release.

This way Sony BMG would pay a tribute to Mr. Jackson on his 50th birthday.


New Michael Jackson Releases from Japan

Strange new Michael Jackson releases from the far Japan:

1-2. picture: The Classic Voice of Michael Jackson (released in 2007 by Universal Music)

3-4. picture: Michael Jackson in the Mix (released in 2007)

4-5. picture: Michael Jackson Mixes Behind the Door (released in 2008)

6-7. picutre: Thriller 25 with different tracklist (released in 2008)