More About The 'King Of Pop' Release

The new "King Of Pop" double CD release has been moved to September 2, 2008.

Above you can see the official poster "50th Anniversary Launch Party" in Australia.

The ticket price will include the CD package and an extra Jackson ringtone.

The show will feature one of the best Australian Jackson imitators, who'll surprise the fans with a 10 piece live dance performance!


German "Friends" Are Back

It's been revealed that an unnamed team in Germany still tries to interfere with Michael Jackson business interests.

This is the very same team behind the new "Thriller 25" book, that they claimed to be an official release written by Michael Jackson himself. However neither Mr. Jackson's spokesperson and his music manager knows nothing about this book.

This team promised us with an official press release from Sony or Mr. Jackson's management, that never happened. They clearly misled the fans and the buyers.

They have registered the thriller25.com domain name as well, however the site has been shut down recently.

More to come soon...

Official Thriller Costumes Out Now!

This Michael Jackson costume has been approved by Sony BMG Music Entertainment for the promition of the "Thriller 25" album.

Updates About The Unreleased Michael Jackson Tapes

Richard Altomare, the former president of Universal Express threated Michael Jackson several months ago with taking him on court and "giving the boy a lesson". Now Jackson prepares for his next studio album, and Altomare is busy with keeping his ass out of jail.

Altomare turned out to be a professional scammer who tried to get posession over some unreleased Jackson tapes. Below you can read the latest updates about these tapes:

"Altomare initially insisted in writing that he, not Universal Express, owned the master tapes of the Jackson recordings, and did not turn over those tapes to the Receiver until ordered to
do so by this Court. (See Order of Jan. 11, 2008.) In any event, the cost of the litigation over the
memorabilia, in addition to the cost of the memorabilia’s maintenance and preservation, will
likely turn out to be more of a liability than an asset for Universal Express."


King Of Pop In Spain and Germany?

It is not 100% confirmed, but most likely Germany and Spain will follow Australia very soon and start to promote their own "King Of Pop" tribute CD.

The local Sony managements have had to submit their promotional ideas to the Sony HQ as late as Friday.


Kitson Shops vs. Michael Jackson Clothing Line

According to some media outlets, Michael Jackson's new clothing line will be sold in the Kitson Shops.

That's what I've been told by a Kitson representative:
"We do not have any information regarding Michael Jackson's supposed clothing line. At this time we are not carrying it."


Michael Jackson Movie In More Countries

"Man In The Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story" movie will be aired in the following countries soon: United Kingdom, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Benelux and Middle East and Russian feeds.

Look out for the movie on your local Hallmark channel!


Michael Jackson Shop In Las Vegas?

It's been widely reported in the media that Michael Jackson will team up with designer Christian Audigier to open a shop in Las Vegas's "Treasure Island".

What we can confirm is that Audigier will open his nightclub on July 4, 2008 kincking off TI's Tangerie nightclub.

More information about the launch party: http://www.purelv.com/newclub

The nightclub will include a clothing shop as well.

However Jackson's contribution has not been confirmed by anyone.

Another Case Will Be Settled Soon

One of the last 2 court cases Michael Jackson is involnved with will be settled very soon.

Both parties agreed to involve a mediator in the "Transitional Investors vs. Michael Jackson" case. The counsels expressed on May 6, 2008 that they would settle the case before it goes on trial this September.

Will the media report about this? No.