Michael Jackson's Legal Issues

After Michael Jackson settled his legal issues with Prince Abdullah, I can CONFIRM that the King of Pop has NO MORE major ongoing court cases!

Two cases out of the five left are already dismissed, but Jackson's lawyer filed his briefs. One case had no updates in the past one year, the two others are harmless.

Michael Jackson is a wealthy and famous person, and will be the target of such cases as other celebrities are. But Jackson's recent court cases are far from dangerous, especially if we compare them to previous years.

Below you may see an overview of Jackson's ongoing court cases:

Plaintiff: Ola Ray
Defendant: Michael Joe Jackson, Optimum Productions Inc., Marshall Gelfand, John Branca
Filing date: 14/04/2008
Last hearing on 10/02/2008
Case type: Alleged breach of contract.

Plaintiff: Marc F. Schaffel
Defendant: Michael Joe Jackson, Fire Mountain Services LLC, MJJ Productions Inc.
Filing date: 11/16/2004
Status: Already dismissed, but Michael's lawyer filed his brief, next hearing on 12/22/2008
Case type: Alleged breach of contract.

Plaintiff: Ayscough & Marrar
Defendant: Michael Joe Jackson, MJJ Productions Inc., Fire Mountain Services LLC
Filing date: 02/21/2006
Status: Already dismissed, but Michael's lawyer filed his brief, next hearing on 12/10/2008
Case type: Alleged unpaid bills.

Plaintiff: Sylvester Johnson
Defendant: Michael Joe Jackson, Will Smith, Tupac Shakur, etc
Filing date: n/a
Next hearing: n/a
Case type: Alleged copyright infrigment.

Plaintiff: Roberto Hernandez
Defendant: Michael Joe Jackson, Muhammad Basheer, Jackson International LLC
Filing date: 08/22/2007
Next hearing: Nothing happened since 08/27/2007
Case type: Alleged assault and battery.


Jackson Repaid Another Loan

Despite his recent legal issues with the Bahrain Prince, Michael Jackson just repaid a $2.5 million loan to City National Bank (CA).

Jackson took the money in 1993 right after the first allegations. The two parties agreed to enter into a copyright and mortage security agreement.

Since Jackson just repaid the loan the agreement has been terminated, and the titles of 1503 songs from the MiJac catalouge been transferred back to the star.

New Official Megaposter?

This item has been released several days ago in the UK:

"This amazing, and extremely noble poster (almost 1 meter high!) is pure pop majesty! It features the biggest selling albums in music history, and probably the best pop music albums ever - everybody knows Michael Jackson and his music, and this is the poster to accompany the 50th birthday of Michael Jackson and the ultimate restrospective of a remarkable career and music history. Great quality, glossy, a must have!! A true eye-catcher!"


Al-Khalifa v Jackson Case Still Active

The next hearing in the Al-Khalifa v Jackson case will be held on November 17, 2008.