Holiday Tidbits

Despite my previous blog entry, the MJ Estate just reinstated MJJ Ventures Inc. As well they have changed the address both of MJJ Ventures and MJJ Productions Inc. to the Estate addresses (entity address of John Branca, agent address of Michael Kane).

On the other hand I just realised that MJ's original Heal The World Foundation that has been dissolved back in 2002, now operates under Melissa Johnson's name and is active again. Unbeliavable!

First Commemorative Inc.'s case against the Estate just continued. Both parties stick to their original story, so the case might go to trial soon.


The Fantastic Three: Vaccaro, Mann and Johnson

An unbeliavable story develops in the case of Melissa Johnson. Here comes the details...

Johnson already used two sets of lawyers in his case against the MJ Estate since August, 2009. On November 1st, 2010 she hired a new lawyer, Edgar B. Pease. Does this name sound similar?

Pease was an attorney of Henry Vaccaro, the man who got ahold the biggest Jackson Family memorablia on the world through bankrupcy court. Now Pease is not only the attorney of Vaccaro and his Vintage Pop, but for Howard Mann and his Vintage Pop Media. Another interesting name?

Mann is the Canadian businessman who approached Katherine and Joe Jackson to support the collection Vaccaro still owns. They have release a book, a calendar and several other merchandises. So now Vaccaro, Mann and Johnson plays in the same team.

On the same day as Johnson hired Pease, Johnson and Mann signed a contract related to a business project. According to this contract Johnson will help Mann to promote the Vaccaro memorablias with her vast collection of intellectual properties related to MJ (mainly domains and trademarks). In a nutshell: Mann tries to get validity for making money of the memorablias, and found a good partner in Johnson who is still fighting against the MJ Estate. Mann will pay 33% of the profits to Katherine and 33% to Johnson (another shady move from Mann that he is not paying Johnson directly, but through Katherine), as well Mann pays all of Johnson's debts that already exceeded $130.000.

How come that Johson's case hasn't been thrown out by the Judge so far? She prayed for extensions in the case on many occasions. On the other hand Johnson has quite a lot e-mails backing her story. She claims that Shmuley Boteach approved her activities preserving MJ's Heal The World Foundation back in 2002.

And if it's still not enough, Johnson claims that in 2005 MJ approved for Johnson to act in his name when it comes to keeping HTWF alive. Guess who was the man between MJ and Johnson? Brian Oxman! Oxman even gave a written statement this September saying that MJ really approved Johnson's work.

Johnson in 2008 contacted MJ's than manager, Van Alexander. The manager once said to her that there is a fight in MJ's team and some "bad figures" took over MJ. Alexander advised Johnson to take HTWF on her own name, because MJ can't take care of it. Johnson furthermore contacted Al Malnik and Mark Harrison as well, both of them were well known representatives of MJ in earlier years.

So what Johnson owns? She has appr. 1800 domain names, trademarks registered all around the world. Pease claims that however MJ paid Johnson $25.000 in 2004 for some intellectual property, this amount was used for reviewal of the domain names. Johnson did not gave back the ownership rights to MJ or any of his entities.

And what Mann owns? 19800 photos, 26 hours of videos, 273 tracks related to MJ and his family.

While Mann is preparing for his testimonial hold on January 7, 2011 and Oxman the day before the parties are arguing over documents. Oxmann will be questioned about his interview gave to one of the television networkds this summer. While Mann will have to proove his connections to the Jacksons.

Unbeliavable, isn't it? Have you seen any articles with so many shady names at all?


New Official MJ Website

Ubisoft just launced a new official MJ website for their MJ inspired video game.

The website can be found under: http://theexperience-thegame.ubi.com

2 Seas Records

MJ worked with a Bahrain company named 2 Seas Records in 2006. They planned to release new music and other joint ventures.

Back then MJ's involvement was a frequent question. I just found some documents, according to them MJ never owned the company, he simply had an agreement with it's owner the Bahrain sheikh.

The company has been dismissed on August 19, 2009.