Dieter Wiesner Case Dismissed

Today Los Angeles Judge Joseph S. Biderman decided to dismiss the Dieter Wiesner case.

The parties agreed to take part in the settlement discussions weeks ago. After a friendly deposition of Michael Jackson, the parties agreed to dismiss not only parts of the claims, but the entire case.

The details of the settlement agreement are not known.


Court Updates

Updates in several Michael Jackson related court cases:

Both parties filed for a demurrer in the Dieter Wiesner case. If everything goes well, the case will be closed on September 25, 2007.

In the Marc Schaffel case the Judge partly granted the plaintiff's motion about entering the judgement. It means that Jackson still has to pay Schaffel.

In the Universal Express case the defendant's counsel filed for a withdrawn, however Universal wants to keep the case alive.

In the Transitional Investors case Jackson's lawyers filed for a demurrer on Michael Jackson's part.


Good Bye "MJJ Productions"!

Michael Jackson's production company "MJJ Productions Inc." has been recently suspended.

As Raymone Bain promised last year, MJJP will be phased out by "The Michael Jackson Company".

According to several documents TMJC has been transformed from "Inc" to "Llc" this February.


Another Jackson 5 Compilation CD

Universal Music releaed it's latest Jackson 5 compilation CD in late August (in some countries it'll be available in September only).

1 I Want You Back
2 Rockin' Robin
3 Goin' Back To Indiana
4 (We've Got) Blue Skies
5 Don't Let Your Baby Catch You
6 Skywriter
7 Can You Remember
8 Morning Glow (Single Version)
9 Children Of The Light
10 Zip A Dee Doo Dah


Wiesner Case Won't Go On Trial?

According to the latest court information, the jury trial day has been vacaated in the Dieter Wiesner case.

Congratulations to the lawyers!