Legal Cases - Updates

Overview of the legal cases related to the Estate of Michael Joseph Jackson:

- Ayscough and Marar - former legal representatives ($200.000)
- Susan Yu - former legal representatives ($340.000)
- Sidney Lanier - former legal representatives ($3 million)
- Atkins Thomson Solicitors - former business representatives ($200.000)
- Cannon and Company CPAS LLP - former accounting firm ($56.000)
- Don Stabler - former business advisor ($180.000)
- Leonard Rowe - former business advisor ($300.000)
- Dr. Tohme Tohme - former business advisor ($2.3 million)
- George Folsey Jr. - former business partner ($1 million)
- John Landis - former business partner ($1.3 million)
- A4V Digital, Inc. - former business partners ($736.000)
- William Bone - former business partner ($ undetermined)
- Segye Times - former family business partners ($7.9 millions)
- LaVelle Smith Jr. - former coreographer ($150.000)
- Arnold Klein - former dermatologist ($50.000)
- Ola Ray - former actress ($ undetermined)
- Lynda Parrish - former personal hairstylist ($212.000)
- Helen Harris-Scott - unknown ($50 million)
- Jackson Prince Michael Malachi Jet - unknown
- Richard Lapointe - memorablia collector ($5 million)
TOTAL: $73 million

Next hearing regarding the creditors claims: December 8, 2009.

Next hearing on the estate issues: November 17, 2009.

Helen M. Harris-Scott vs. Michael Jackson
No updates at all, next hearing: December 2, 2009.

John Landis vs. Michael Jackson
No updates at all, next hearing: December 3, 2009.

Ola Ray vs. Michael Jackson
No updates at all, next hearing: November 17, 2009.

Raymone Bain vs. Michael Jackson
Bain's lawyers urges the Judge to go forward with the case since John Branca and John McClain were appointed as the permanent executors of the estate. However lawyers representing the estate in the case (Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP) are unsure if they will remain as counsel as per the decesion of the executors.

Jonathan Lee Richies vs. Michael Jackson
Erle Bonner vs. Michael Jackson
No known updates at all in these crazy cases.

Sylvester Johnson vs. Michael Jackson
The case has been closed on October 15, 2009 after the parties agreed on the terms.

AllGood Entertainment vs. Michael Jackson
AllGood Entertainment vs. Michael Jackson Estate
The company still wants to get money from the estate, however a dismissal on AEG Live's part is on the verge.

Michael Jackson Estate vs. Heal The World Foundation (fake)
Melissa Johnson's lawyers carefully addressed every paragraph of the original complaint. They admitted some of the accusations, but denied the most. Johnson claims that she has been told to keep MJ's intellectual property by his former management/employees. Next hearing: February 1, 2010.


Legal Cases - Updates

Helen-Harris Scott vs. Michael Jackson
The Plaintiff sued Jackson for infliction of emotional distress. She claims that Jackson followed and disturber over the past years. Jackson's lawyers' filed for a summary judgement on many occasions. The next hearing on the issue will be held on December 2, 2009 when the case will be most likely closed down.

Billie Jean Jackson vs. Michael Jackson
Similar case to the above one. The legal action has been dismissed on August 17, 2009 because of lack of the prosecution. Billie Jean did not even attend the last hearing.

John Landis vs. Michael Jackson
The Plaintiff sued Jackson for unpaid royalties over the Thriller video. The case is still ongoing, the next hearing will be held on December 3, 2009.

Raymone Bain vs. Michael Jackson
The case is still ongoing, however no filings made since mid August, and no other hearings appointed yet. Bain wants to get almost $40 million from Jackson's Estate for unpaid fees.

AllGood Entertainment vs. Michael Jackson
The company still wants to get some money from Jackson's Estate, and they draw up a plan about a jury trial starting in October, 2010.

Sylvester Johnson vs. Michael Jackson
However the parties agreed on a settlement this May, the case is still ongoing, because the Estate of Jackson can not determine if they can execute the settlement agreement without a court approval. The last hearing was held on September 17, 2009.

Jonathan Lee Richies vs. Michael Jackson
Another crazy lawsuit, will be closed hopefully soon.

Another Crazy Lawsuit

Another crazy lawsuit has been filed against Michael Jackson('s Estate) recently.

Download the unbeliavable details from here: http://www.michaeljackson.hu/temporary/JonathanLeeRitches_vs_MichaelJackson.pdf

This Is It Soundtrack Release Date

Michael Jackson's "This Is It" movie soundtrack CD will be released on / around November 27., 2009 worldwide.


Captain EO In Disneyland Again?

It's still unclear if Disney will put Michael Jackson's "Captain Eo" movie back in any of the Disneyland Parks. But following the recent days' reports we can certainly say "someting is in the air"...

Disney exhibited Jackson's costumes from the movie on it's eagerly awaited D23 Expo this week:

"Michael Jackson's Captain Eo costume is a spectacular item, and is lent to the Walt Disney Archives courtesy of Lucasfilm."

Another article posted on Disney's official website commemorates the joint work with Jackson (the company did not do any such things for decades):


Official Michael Jackson Trademarks

Many of the late Michael Jackson's companies are represented by a law firm from Atlanta, 'Greenberg Traurig'. Among the companies are 'The Michael Jackson Company LLC' (TMJC) and 'Triumph International Inc' (TI). Both companies are wholly owned by Jackson's Estate.

TMJC just registered the trademarks for "This Is It", Jackson's planned series of London concerts. This means that we can expect more official items coming related to the production.

The same time TI applied for the trademarks of Jackson's well known signature, as well his name, the Neverland logo, the "Moonwalker" logo, the "King Of Pop" and "MJ" titles to use them for merchandising purposes. TI neither any of Jackson's companies owned these for a very long time.
Now 'Greenberg Traurig' wants to erase all the third party, unofficial trademark owners citing confuse of the consumers. They filed a petition at the "United States Patent and Trademark Office" on August 17, 2009, that the office granted yesterday. This means that from now on Jackson's Estate can file legal actions against the ones using any of the above mentioned trademarks without their permission.

In the meantime 'Sycamore Valley Ranch Company LLC', the company that owns Jackson's former home along with his Estate filed for trademarks to open a museum and other entertainment services on Neverland.

This Is It Release Dates

The 'This Is It' movie will be released in the following countries:

France - 28 October 2009
Germany - 28 October 2009
UK - 28 October 2009
USA - 28 October 2009
Argentina - 29 October 2009
Netherlands - 29 October 2009
Russia - 29 October 2009
South Korea - 29 October 2009
Greece - 30 October 2009
Japan - 30 October 2009
Norway - 30 October 2009
Sweden - 30 October 2009
Hungary - 29 October 2009


New Michael Jackson Releases - Updates

After Michael Jackson's tragic death series of new releases made available. Below you may read an overview of the latest additions, and here are the previous entries: http://lesliemjhu.blogspot.com/2009/06/new-michael-jackson-releases-updates.html

July - Remember The Time: Michael Jackson Erinnerungen an den King of Pop (unofficial book)

July 2 - Michael Jackson: The World Says Goodbye to the King of Pop (unofficial paperback)

July 3 - The Music Of Michael Jackson A Collector's Guide (unofficial paperback)

July 7 - A Rememberance of Michael Jackson (unofficial CD)

July 10 - In Memory of Michael Jackson (unofficial CD)

July 14 - Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson (unofficial hardcover book by Ian Halpering, very negative)

July 14 - A Tribute to Michael Jackson Remember (unofficial 2CD)

July 14 - Remember (released by MJJ Productions with known demos?)

July 17 - Michael Jackson: Life of a Legend (unofficial hardcover book)

July 17 - Michael Jackson - Legend, Hero, Icon: A Tribute to the King of Pop (unofficial hardcover book by Harper Collins Publishers)

July 20 - Michael Jackson 2010 Calendar (official by Danilo)

July 28 - Babies Go Michael Jackson (unofficial CD)

July 28 - Stripped Mixes (official CD by Motown)

July 31 - Michael Jackson: The Visual Documentary (unofficial updated version from Adrian Grant, positive)

July 31 - Michael Jackson: Complete Guide to the Music Of (unofficial paperback, comes from the same publisher as Grant's book)

August - Michael Jackson - In Memoriam 2010. (Calendar)

August 5 - Michael Jackson: The Magic, The Madness, The Whole Story, 1958-2009 (unofficial hardcover, updated by Randy Taraborelli)

August 11 - Michael Jackson: Moonwalking - The True Story of Michael Jackson (unofficial DVD and book)

August 12 - Michael Jackson - Good-bye, Jacko! (unofficial DVD)

August 24 - Michael Jackson King of Pop 1958-2009 (unofficial paperback)

August 25 - Definitive Collection (official CD by Motown)

August 31 - Michael Jackson: The Unauthorised Biography (unofficial paperback)

August 31 - Michael Jackson in search of Neverland (unofficial paperback, the story of how Jackson found Neverland in a 3 years search along with Gloria Rhoads Berlin)

August 1 - Michael Jackson Legend 1958-2009 (unofficial hardcover book)

September 3 - Michael Jackson: The King of Pop 1958-2009 (unofficial hardcover book)

October 28 - Tribute: Michael Jackson, King of Pop (unofficial paperback, biographical comic book)


This Is It Tour Rehearsals Details

I have obtained more information about Michael Jackson's This Is It Tour rehearsals. All the related contents are owned by AEG Live Inc. and will be released soon.

AEG hired documentarians Tim Patterson and Sandrine Orabona in connection with preparations and rehearsals for the tour.

Jackson started the first rehearsals on May 7, 2009 in Center Staging in Burbank and continued it through June 1. Jackson once appeared in Stimulted Inc.'s studio in Burbank on May 29 and in Culver Studios in Culver City from June 1st until June 10th. The preparations were made in the Forum in Inglewood on June 1 through June 21. The staging moved to the Staples Center in Los Angeles on June 22.

Jackson's creative team included among others the following members: Michael Bearden (musical director), Alfred Dunbar (bass), Roger Bashiri Johnson (percussion), Jonathan Moffett (drums), Thomas Organ (guitar), Orianthi Panagaris (lead guitar), and Morris Pleasure (keyboard); singers Judith Hill, Dorian Holley, Darryl Phinnesse and Kenneth Stacey; director Kenny Ortega; choreographers Travis Payne, Anthony Testa, and Stacey Walker; Karen Faye Heinze (hair and make up); Michael Bush (costumes). The selected dancers were: Nicholas Bass, Daniel Celebre, Mekia Cox, Christopher Grant, Misha Hamilton, Shannon Holtzapffel, Devin Jamieson, Charles Klapow, Ricardo Reid, Danielle Rueda Watts, Tyne Stecklein, and Timor Steffens.

Jackson once singed and danced in Stimulated Inc.'s studio for 2D and 3D footages for the backgorund Chaos LED screen to be set onstage behind him and for the already discussed Dome Project. The Dome Project would consist seven works: Smooth Criminal (Jackson inserted into classic 2D black-and-white film noir chase sequence); Thriller (3-D movie starting in a haunted house with a ghostly image of Vincent Price, then moving into a graveyard where the dead awaken); Earth Song (3D short film featuring little girl who wanders through rain forest, takes a nap and dreams of the splendor of nature, and awakens to find the natural world has been devastated); They Don't Care About Us (a/k/a Drill, 2D film in which a sea of soldiers march in unison; 10 male dancers replicated hundreds of times); MJ Air (3-D movie in which a 707 jet pulls into the frame; hole was to open in screen for Michael Jackson to enter; jet flies away); The Final Message (3-D movie of little girl from rain forest embracing the earth); and The Way You Make Me Feel (2D theatrical background featuring male dancers fashioned as historical construction workers).

AEG despite their previous statements does not have so many footages, but most of them are from the June 23 - 24 rehearsals.

The setlist includes among others: Wanne Be Startin' Somethin', Jam, They Don't Care About Us/Drill medley, Human Nature, Smooth Criminal, The Way You Make Me Feel, Black or White, Jackson 5 Medley, Off the Wall, I Just Can't Stop Loving You, Dangerous, Thriller/Threatened medley, Beat It, We are the World and Earth Song.

Other video sequences for the backgorund Chaos LED screen to be set onstage behind him would include the followings: Flashes and Glimpses (historical timeline of last century in 90 seconds); Startin' Somethin' (animation with letters MJ and words This Is It); Jackson 5 Medley (graphic animation featuring Jackson 5 logo); I Just Can't Stop Loving You (animation of a baroque hall of mirrors); Dangerous (graphic animation replicating brainwaves); Dirty Diana (graphic animation replicating fire); We are the World (graphic animation containing religious icons); and Heal the World (stock footage of children).

AEG furthermore owns over 1.000 color, digital photos taken on May 6 and June 22 - 23.


Michael Jackson - Gone Too Soon

I still can not find the words, and am I deeply saddened...

Michael Jackson Rest In Peace Forever.

ps.: I have received many messages related to proposed new Jackson merchandises. Be careful what do you buy with his name.


Michael Jackson's Business Issues - Updates

Michael Jackson just confirmed in the Raymone Bain case the exist of his new company, MJJ Kingdom. Below you may see an updated list of his other known business entities:


Name: MJJ Productions LLC and Inc.
Profile: Management (Old company, re-activated)
Established: Re-activated on 07-31-2008 (10-30-1979)
Status: Active

Name: Michael Jackson Company LLC
Profile: Management (Established in the "Raymone Bain era", it's future is still unknown)
Established: 06-13-2006
Status: Active

Name: Jackson International LLC
Profile: Management and investment
Established: 12-21-1998
Status: Active

The newly created MJJ Legacy Inc. has been already defaulted.

Fire Mountain Services LLC set up in the Marc Schaffel era is still active.


Name: MJJ Kingdom LLC
Profile: Music production (Newly established, exact profile still unknown, legal firm: Robin C. Gilden from Reish Luftman Reicher & Cohen LLP)
Established: 08-08-2008
Status: Active

Name: MJJ Records LLC (dba as MJJ Music)
Profile: Music label
Established: 08-15-1997
Status: Cancelled on 04-26-2002


Name: MJJ Ventures Inc.
Profile: Video production (Old company, re-activated)
Established: 2-26-1991
Status: Active


Name: MJ Licensing LLC
Profile: Licensing
Established: 10-10-2003 (Re-activated on 04-18-2007)
Status: Active

Name: Triumph International Inc.
Profile: Licensing
Established: 07-19-1982
Status: Cancelled on 03-01-2003 - Triumph International LLC established the same time


Name: MiJac Music Inc. (under Waner-Tamerlane Publishing)
Profile: Publishing
Established: 1979
Status: Active

Name: Sony ATV Music Publishing LLC
Profile: Publishing
Established: 11-02-1995
Status: Active

Name: MJ ATV Publishing Trust (Jackson's 50% stake in Sony ATV Music Publishing LLC)
Profile: Publishing
Established: 02-09-1999
Status: Active

Name: MJ Publishing LLC (Jackson's 100% stake in Mijac Music Inc.)
Profile: Publishing
Established: 11-30-1998
Status: Inactive

Name: New Horizon Trust
Profile: Publishing
Established: 02-10-2006
Status: Active

Name: New Horizon Trust II.
Profile: Publishing
Established: 11-09-2007
Status: Active

Name: New Horizon Trust III.
Profile: Publishing
Established: 11-13-2007
Status: Active

Name: Sony MJ Music Publishing LLC
Profile: Publishing
Established: 11-02-1995
Status: Active

Name: MJ Sony Music Trust
Profile: Publishing
Established: 1995
Status: Cancelled on 05-31-2006


Name: Sycamore Valley Ranch Company LLC
Profile: Properties
Established: 07-15-2008
Status: Active

Win Michael Jackson Concert Tickets!

Sony BMG Music Entertainment helps the fans to get their Michael Jackson concert tickets in different raffles.

For Brazil fans:

For Japanese fans:


Michael Jackson Clothing Store

I have found an unofficial Michael Jackson clothing store where you may buy fantastic replicas of the stars famous outfits:



New Michael Jackson Releases - Updates

New additions:

July 3 - Hello World- The Complete Motown Solo Collection
Motown compilation release.

July 8 - Kids Bossa Presents Michael Covers
Twelve classic Jackson songs presented by a children choir.

Already added releases:

June - Larry Nimmber's "Untold Story of Neverland" (unofficial DVD)
June 22 - The Document (unofficial CD + DVD)
June 29 - The Collection (official 5 CDs)
July 6 - Michael Jackson: Never Surrender (unofficial DVD)
July 6 - Michael Jackson - The Trial and Triumph of The King of Pop (unofficial DVD)
July 6 - Michael Jackson Unmasked (unofficial DVD)
July 8 - Digitally Remastered Solo Albums (Off The Wall, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous, HIStory - CDs)
July 8 - The Hits (2 CDs)
July 14 - Live in Japan (unofficial DVD)
July 22 - The Essential Michael Jackson (blu-ray)

Michael Jackson's Legal Issues - Updates

Syl Johnson vs. Michael Jackson
The parties already exchanged a draft settlement but it is not yet finalized. They will hold a settlement conference on June 22, 2009.

Billie Jean Jackson vs. Michael Jackson
Next hearing for conferenca case review on July 6, 2009.

Helen M. Harris-Scott vs. Michael Jackson
Next hearing for summary judgement on September 1, 2009.

Levitsky Productions Inc. vs. Optimum Productions
Trial setting conference on September 9, 2009.

Ola Ray vs. Michael Jackson
No other court dates appointed since the Judge dismissed Sony from the case on May 12, 2009.

Raymone Bain vs. Michael Jackson
No other court dates appointed since Bain filed for default judgement on June 4, 2009.

AllGood Entertainment Inc. vs. Michael Jackson
No other court dates appointed since the company sued Jackson on June 10, 2009.


Official Michael Jackson Book New Edition

Back in 2002 Michael Jackson's then management sold the licensing rights to a German writer, Christian Marks to create an official book about the singer's life, called "Michael Jackson: King of Pop".

Marks recently announced that an updated edition of the first release will be released this June with coincidence of the London Jackson concerts.

The new book will include stories and pictures from the last 7 years, as well pictures about fans. You may send your images to info@mj-kingdom.com

Marks launched a website for the project on MJ-Books.com

The book will be available in English and German language as well. Akso the old version is still available with 3 dimensional holographic cover and an audio message from Jackson himself.


New Michael Jackson Calendar from Danilo

I can confirm that Danilo will release a new Michael Jackson calendar for 2010.

Danilo is the biggest European company creating official celebrity calendars. They have created many great releases for Jackson in the 90's.

No further information available so far.


One More Book...

I have just discovered another new book release about Michael Jackson with coincidence of his London shows. "Michael Jackson - Black Or White" will be release on July 14, 2009 by a German journalist, Hanspeter Kuenzler.
Kuenzler has been approached by a German/Austria publisher, Hannibal to write this book right after Jackson announced his upcoming shows.

Kuenzler wrote a kinda tasteless comment on his website about Jackson's first press conference ( http://www.hanspeterkuenzler.com/News,_plans_and_general_prattle.html ).

Overview of the upcoming Jackson releases:

June - Larry Nimmber's "Untold Story of Neverland"
June 22 - The Document (unofficial CD + DVD)
June 29 - The Collection (5 CDs)
July 6 - Michael Jackson: Never Surrender (unofficial DVD)
July 6 - Michael Jackson - The Trial and Triumph of The King of Pop (unofficial DVD)
July 6 - Michael Jackson Unmasked (unofficial DVD)
July 8 - Digitally Remastered Solo Albums (Off The Wall, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous, HIStory - CDs)
July 8 - The Hits (2 CDs)
July 14 - Live in Japan (unofficial DVD)
July 22 - The Essential Michael Jackson (blu-ray)

No All Good Entertainment Case At All

If you have wondered: still no sign of any legal actions taken by AllGood Entertainment against any members of the Jackson Family or Frank DiLeo.

However AGE filed a civil case against a well known Timothy Donnell Brown with claims very similar to the Jackson issue.


Just Another New DVD About Him

Another DVD release about Michael Jackson:

"Michael Jackson: Never Surrender"

Format: DVD
Release date: July 6, 2009.


He’s back like never before, and he’s acting like he’s never been away; Michael Jackson’s run of 50 live dates in London will finally put the doubters to bed and prove that Jacko is still a force to be reckoned with.

This DVD tells the full story of Michael Jackson from his entry into show-business at the tender age of 4, through his brilliant career to date as a performer of extraordinary talent and, via his trials and tribulations, to culminate in his emergence as an act who can attract over a million people to buy tickets for shows in a single city, after many had foolishly written him off as a ‘has-been’.

Featuring previously unseen film footage, rare and exclusive interviews, contributions from those who have known him best and the finest broadcasters and journalists in the business, plus news reports, location shoots and a host of other features."


New DVD About the Michael Jackson Trial

A new DVD will be released on July 6, 2009 worldwide, called "Michael Jackson - The Trial and Triumph of The King of Pop".

This release goes behind the scenes of Jackson's molestation trial and features appearances by Kanye West, Billy Gibbons / ZZ Top, Jon Voight, Fantasia, Mo'Nique and more.

The description says:

"Michael Jackson is the world's biggest superstar and perhaps the greatest entertainer of all time. His achievements almost came crashing down during his child molestation trial. This film goes behind the scenes of that sometimes chaotic and outrageous trial. MJ's fans from all over the world always believed in his innocence. Found not guilty by the court of law, survived the tabloid onslaught and negative campaigns, Michael Jackson is on the comeback trail to reclaim his past glory with the 02 Arena, London. This film features appearances by: Kanye West, Billy Gibbons / ZZ Top, Jon Voight, Fantasia, Mo'Nique, Ashford & Simpson, Kim Whitley, Dorien Wilson, Yolanda Adams, Shemar Moore, Terry Lewis, Tom Mesereau, Aphrodite Jones, Linda Deutsch, Jermaine Jackson, Geraldine Hughes."

Some scenes has been already released few years ago directed by Pearl Jr.

Raymone Bain vs. Michael Jackson - Part 3.

Raymone Bain's people tried to serve a copy of the summons in the civil case.

"Location is a gated property. No one answered me on the intercom. Armed guards came to the gate and asked me to identify myself, which I did as a registered California process server. The guards then told me to 'get the fuck out here'." - said Michael L. Smith.


Raymone Bain vs. Michael Jackson - Part 2.

Raymone Bain's lawyers filed for a preliminary injuction on May 21, 2009.

As the filing says, they want an immediate accounting of all compensation Michael Jackson received from the Thriller 25 and the AEG Live deals within 30 days. Bain furthermore wants to have 10% of these incomes deposited.

Bain says that this is a necessary step because of the substantial risk that payments received by Jackson will depleted or spent prior to judgement, or Jackson will leave the United States for a longer and uncertain time of period.

She gave an example of Jackson's irresponsible spending habits: after the 2007 refinancing of the loan on the Sony ATV Music Publishing catalog, Jackson reveived approximately 25 million dollars for personal living expenses. Bain states that Jackson spent approximately 6 million dollars to purchase statutes and antiques.

Bain mentioned that when Jackson stayed in a Las Vegas hotel, he said he would not leave until he could purchase the property owned by the Sultan of Brunei, which had an asking price of 100 million dollars. Jackson even sent a purchase proposal to the Sultan's representatives.

The former spokesperson of Jackson's listed 14 settled legal cases saying that 13 million dollars were allocated to pay these settlements.


Michael Jackson Legal Issues - Updates

The recent days' focus point of the Michael Jackson related news' were on Jackson's legal issues. Here you can read a factual overview of his ongoing cases:


John Landis vs. Michael Jackson
A trial setting conference has been set for September 9, 2009. No other information leaked as yet of now.

Raymone Bain vs. Michael Jackson
No updates since last Wednesday, neither new hearing dates set.


Sylvester Johnson vs. Michael Jackson
The parties agreed to settle the case out of court, and will do so before June 8, 2009.

MJJ Productions vs. Julien's Auctions
The original case has been dismissed on May 11, 2009 for MJJ Productions's request.


Helen Harris-Scott vs. Michael Jackson
Jackson's lawyers requested for a summary judgement yesterday. A conference case management is set for the judgement on September 1, 2009. The case will be dismissed most likely on that day.

Billie Jean Jackson vs. Michael Jackson
The Judge decided to have a conference case review on July 6, 2009., because there were no updates in the case since last December. The case will be dismissed most likely.

Ola Ray vs. Michael Jackson
Sony BMG Music Entertainment filed for a final judgement, that the Judge just approved. Despite media reports Ray formally did not sue Jackson again. She has filed for a new case, but the Judge did not rule on that yet.


AllGood Entertainment vs. Frank DiLeo
Despite the company's threat, there is still no sign of any legal action taken.


Michael Jackson Recording in London?

According to some sources, Michael Jackson arrived in London or will arrive very soon. I have been told that his visit might be in connection with studio recordings among others with Akon.

This rumor is still unconfirmed!


Ayscough vs. Michael Jackson - Closed

There were some disturbing updates about the Ayscough vs. Michael Jackson case this February.

Now I can confirm that Jackson paid all the bills and the case has been closed on May 5, 2009.


Michael Jackson Merchandises Ads

Above you may see two newspaper Ads about the new Michael Jackson merchandises coming this May.


Ola Ray vs. Michael Jackson - Updates

Sony BMG Music Entertainment filed for their dismissal from the Ola Ray vs. Michael Jackson case citing an order and final judgement from November 20, 2008.

Raymone Bain vs. Michael Jackson - Part I.

As the media reported today, Michael Jackson's former employee Raymone K. Bain sued the star.

I will report about the latest updates here.

You may download the first set of court papers exclusively from here:


Ola Ray Lawsuit

Despite the recent media reports, Ola Ray did not sue Michael Jackson again.

Ray's case has been closed last December, because she was unable to show the cause of the case.

On April 24, 2009 Ray's lawyer filed a motion to reopen the case citing that it's been closed in error.

No rule has been made on the motion so far.


Response From Champion Management

I have been told by Champion Management that they stand by their earlier press release and have no further comments on the issue.

This means Champion Management still claims that Leonard Rowe is Michael Jackson's official manager.


New Michael Jackson Releases

May 2, 2009: Aphrodie Jones - Conspiracy (Japanese Edition)

May 7, 2009: Bad Figure (Japanese Limited Edition)

May 10, 2009: Thriller Student Figure (Japanese Limited Edition)

May 20, 2009: Michael Jackson Figures (Japanese Edition)

July 8, 2009: Off The Wall, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous, HIStory (re-releases, paper card-sleeve)

July 22, 2009: The Essential Michael Jackson (blu-ray)


Videos from Larry Nimmer

As it's been reported in the fan community, Larry Nimmer will release a new documentary about Michael Jackson very soon.

Until the new documentary will be available, here You can see some of the footages Nimmer recorded about Jackson:


Michael Jackson For Sale

Channel Five (UK) will air a new documentary called "Michael Jackson For Sale" starting 10pm April 27, 2009. The programme is about the cancelled auction and MJ's financial situation after the trial.


Auction Cancelled - New Release

"A limited number of the Michael Jackson Memorabilia catalogs, being sold separately from the five-catalog box set, are now available for purchase. This fully-illustrated color catalog covers the memorabilia section of the landmark Michael Jackson exhibition. Michael Jackson's stage worn clothing, jewelry, awards, video props and iconic gloves are featured in this 255-page catalog representing 305 lots. The Memorabilia catalog contains the highlights of a career that changed rock music and the world. Own a piece of the history."


Unfinished User Song Featuring Michael Jackson?

A fan informed me about an unfinished Usher song featuring Michael Jackson called Stop Playin'.

There are some blank parts in the song leaked last Summer, most probably kept for Jackson.

You may listen to the song here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuB0pjqmn0M

Thank You Daniel.

Tribute to Michael Jackson in his New Home?

A local bar will host a Michael Jackson tribute band in the pop star's rumored new home in Chislehurst.

The "Ben - A Tribute To Michael Jackson" will show up in the Lounge Bar on June 26th, 2009.


Updates in the Harris-Scott Case

As I have reported, Helen Harris-Scott's case against Michael Jackson is still pending.

However Harris-Scott did not appear on the last hearing yesterday, therefore Jackson's lawyer filed for a dismissal.

The judge will decide on the motion on May 14, 2009.



If You would use anything from here, then name me as the source with the return link to my blog. I thought it's obvious for everyone to respect each others work.

This is my first and last note in this topic.


Michael Jackson Concert Auditions?

I have been told that the pictures showing Michael Jackson in front of a Los Angeles dance studio were taken after an audition for female dancers for his London concerts.

Jackson rented the Los Angeles Playback Studio for the auditions.

Official website: playbackstudiola.com

New Official Michael Jackson Products

According to several websites, a couple of new official Michael Jackson products will be released in the UK starting from May 15, 2009. The sources states that these are "officially licensed products" coming from MJ Licensing LLC most likely.

Available official items:
Bad Costume ( http://www.jokeshop.co.uk/userdata/PRODPIC-5190.jpg )
Beat It Jacket ( http://www.jokeshop.co.uk/userdata/PRODPIC-5191.jpg )
Billie Jean Costume ( http://www.jokeshop.co.uk/userdata/PRODPIC-5189.jpg )
Michael Jackson Glove ( http://www.jokeshop.co.uk/userdata/PRODPIC-5198.jpg )
Thriller Costume ( http://www.jokeshop.co.uk/userdata/PRODPIC-5192.jpg )
Thriller Wig ( http://www.jokeshop.co.uk/userdata/PRODPIC-5197.jpg )
Long Wig ( http://www.jokeshop.co.uk/userdata/PRODPIC-5196.jpg )
Short Wig ( http://www.jokeshop.co.uk/userdata/PRODPIC-5195.jpg )

Updates in Syl Johnson vs. Michael Jackson Case

The interested parties decided to settle the case on April 1, 2009. The attornies has to file a report about the results of this settlement as late as June 18, 2009.

Most of the defendants has been terminated the same day, among others Tupac Skakur's estates and Universal Music.


New Michael Jackson Book by Bruce Swedien

Michael Jackson's former music engineer will release a new book titled "In The Studio with Michael Jackson" on 272 pages this September.

The description says:

"The inside secrets of Michael Jackson's greatest records by the Grammy-winning engineer who captured and enhanced their sound. Multiple color photos of Jackson, producer Quincy Jones, and all the talents who collaborated to make pop history with Jackson's albums. Plucked from a job at legendary Universal Audio in Chicago, Bruce Swedien entered into a fruitful and historic 30-year relationship with producer Quincy Jones. That partnership culminated in the groundbreaking recordings of Michael Jackson, beginning with The Wiz, continuing with Jackson's breakout solo debut Off the Wall, and triumphing with Thriller, which revolutionized music and video and fixed Jackson in culture as the King of Pop. Now Swedien reveals the technical details of creating those albums (along with Bad, Dangerous, and HIStory) and offers personal remembrances and anecdotes about working with the pop icon. Swedien's book provides an insider's look that will thrill anyone interested in the nuts and bolts of hit making and the history of some of America's most influential recordings. HIGHLIGHTS * Large collection of photographs from Michael Jackson recording sessions * Forewords by producer Quincy Jones and writer/producer Rod Temperton!"


Update on the Licensing Issues

Michael Jackson's team just started a "house cleaning" related to his licensing issues.

As I have reported several weeks ago, there was a mess around Jackson's licensing/merchandising business. This week several of the disputed websites and companies claimed to be "official" has been shut down.

Among others:

MJ Licensing LLC's future is still undecided.


Michael Jackson Promo Materials

Recent promo materials from a London HMV store related to Motown's 50th Anniversary celebration:


New Thriller Live Pictures

Recent pictures about Lyric Theather on London's West End playing Michael Jackson's Thriller Live:




Win Thriller Tickets with MTV

"This month The Lick competition goody bag is keeping it real with culture and music, with a massive bumper prize, including:

5 pairs of tickets for the best seats in the house to see the theatre show ''Thriller'' which celebrates the King of Pop, at the Lyric theatre in London.

This competition is open from 02/03/09 to 03/04/09"

More information: http://www.mtv.co.uk/shows/the-lick/competition/win-tickets-for-thriller


Updates in the Julien's Auctions Case

Darren Julien's lawyers filed a couple of motions this Friday.

Among others they would cite Kathleen Guzman (recognized appraiser and auctioneer with over 25 years of experience) and Joseph Marcus (the former Neverland Valley Ranch's manager).


Updates on Official Michael Jackson Websites

Michael Jackson's official websites owned and operated by Sony are under constant updates.

MichaelJackson.es has been forwarded to MichaelJackson.com, and MichaelJackson.de has a new opening page recently.

More changes to come.


New Michael Jackson Calendar

ML Publishing will release a new Michael Jackson calendar this October on 14 pages.

It is still unclear if the product has been approved by Jackson himself

Michael Jackson Will Be Debt Free

According to a recent interview with a Michael Jackson associate, the star has $100 million in loans. This is a good news indeed: the very same loan was more then $300 million back in 2005.

If Jackson will pay his loans like this, then he will be DEBT FREE before 2011 (and we did not take into consideration his incomes from the AEG Live deal).


Michael Jackson Figures Updates

The Michael Jackson Hot Toys figures' release date has been updated recently:

mIcon - Billie Jean - April 20, 2009
Cosbaby - Michael Jackson - April 30, 2009
Cosbaby - Thriller Student - May 10, 2009

The release dates of the Canyon Crest Bad figures has not been released yet.


New Bad Concert DVD Release

Acccording to several websites a new Michael Jackson DVD will be released in late March and early April, called "One Night in Japan". Fans can already place a pre-order on the release in the following countries: France, Holland, Belgium, Germany.

The release will be available in a DVD and 2CD format as well.

This is most likely an unofficial release, furthermore some sources says that this is already deleted.


Updates on Michael Jackson's Domain Names

As I have first reported, Michael Jackson's "MJJ Productions" registered a new domain name for Jackson's live performances and will manage the website along with "AEG Live".

At the same time Jackson's other registered domain names has been forwarded to this new address under MichaelJacksonLive.com

This means another "house-cleaning" in Jackson's world, since his domains were forwared to an unrelevant website for years. Most of his domains expired since then, but he kept the most important ones:


michael-jackson-live.com (new)
michaeljackson-live.com (new)



mjjmusic.net (mjjmusic.com redirects to MichaelJackson.com)


In addition MichaelJackson.com (owned by Sony) also heavily promotes the new website.


New Official Website

Michael Jackson's management and AEG Live will most likely to launch a new website for the star's live performances under www.michaeljacksonlive.com very soon.

The information has not been confirmed yet.


Updates in the John Landis Case

Updates in the John Landis Case

According to my information there are two different cases launched by John Landis.

Landis sued Michael Jackson first through his production company on January 21, 2009. This case has been well publicised by the media around the time.

However Landis filed another case as an individual on January 28, 2009. In this second case Landis sued the Nederland Organization as well, saying that the company has no rights to licence the Thriller video for the Broadway.

Jackson's official spokesperson, Tohme R. Tohme and Jackson's new business partner, James L. Nederlander has been deposed in the case already.

Next hearings:
03/02/2009 - Non-Appearance (Case Review)
05/18/2009 - Initial Status Conference
05/11/2009 - Initial Status Conference

Court documents for the second case: http://reporter.blogs.com/files/thriller.pdf


Updates in the Ayscough vs. Jackson Case

Updates in the Ayscough vs. Jackson case:

The case has been argued and submitted on February 19, 2009. The next hearing will be on May 1, 2009.

Another Jackson Release Delay

The "Michael Jackson - Hello World" CD release has been pushed back to March according to Motown.

Update on the Jacksons

According to Tito Jackson's official website, he has been in the studio this past year working on his very first solo project. The album, not yet titled, will be released in 2009 and is being produced by 3T.

The "Destination Fame" movie starring Joe Jackson will be released on DVD on March 24, 2009.

Peter Lopez Is Out?

According to some sources, Peter M. Lopez is no longer Michael Jackson's music producer.

The information has not been confirmed yet.


Michael Jackson Figures - Updates

Hot Toys announced on Wednesday, that all the planned Michael Jackson figures has been pushed back to April.

In other releated news, Canyon Crest will release a new Jackson figure from the Bad era.


New Michael Jackson Cover Song

"Rethroned", the second album from NORTHERN KINGS — the Finnish band consisting of four well-known metal musicians (Jarkko Ahola [TERĂ„SBETONI], Marco Hietala [TAROT, NIGHTWISH], Tony Kakko [SONATA ARCTICA], Juha-Pekka Leppäluoto [CHARON]) — will be released in Japan on February 25 via Warner Music Japan. The Japanese version of the CD will include a bonus track — a cover of MICHAEL JACKSONs "They Dont Care About Us".

Official website: http://www.myspace.com/northernkings

Hungarian Drummer in Thriller Live

I have been informed that Gabor Dornyei, a Hungarian drummer recently joined to the "Thriller - Live" musical.

Mr. Dornyei signed his agreement on January 29, 2009.

More information will come soon.


Michael Jackson Sued by the Saudi Prince?

According to chambersstudent.co.uk:

"Oh, and Michael Jackson, who has instructed Dewey & LeBoeuf to defend a claim made by a member of the Saudi royal family concerning a recording and entertainment contract."

Michael Jackson's Team

Below you may read an overview of Michael Jackson's known team Members:

L. Londell McMillan (from Dewey & LeBoeuf) - Chief Legal Counsel and Business Manager
Thomas C. Mundell (from Mundell, Odlom & Haws) - California Legal Counsel

Tom Barack (from Colony Capital) - Business Partner

Tohme R, Tohme - Spokesperson
Larry Solters (from Scoop Marketing) - Public relations firm (US)
Celina Aponte (from The Outside Organisation) - Public relations firm (UK)

Peter M. Lopez - Music Manager, Producer

Martin Bandier - Chairman, Sony ATV Music Publishing

Dr. Arnold Klein - Dermatologist


New Box Set Pictures

New pictures from "The Collection of the King of Pop" boxed set:


Another Sign?

AEG Live just signed the ultimate Michal Jackson tribute band "Who'a Bad".

The company announced today that they will organise an event for the band at the Blue Bird Theater (owned by AEG) on March 20, 2009.

As well did you notice that AEG Live is a sponsor of this years' MusiCares event along with Jackson?

Another sign of the Jackson & AEG deal?


Jackson Visits His Longtime Doctor

Take a closer look at the picture.

Dr. Klein's office in Beverly Hills, next to the Mickey Fine Pharmacy. The same white painted walls and brown bricks.

It's been rumored that Michael Jackson's recent visits to a Beverly Hills medical center were somehow in connection with his longtime dermatologist.

Now I can confirm that Jackson visited Dr. Klein at least three times in the last 4 months.

On December 19, 2008 Jackson left Dr. Klein's office along with the doctor himself, however they have not been fully pictured together.

On the above taken picture from December 31, 2008 Jackson's car glints a "Mickey Fine Pharmacy" street ad. Mickey Fine Pharmacy can be found next to Dr. Klein's office in Beverly Hills. In the past Jackson was a frequent buyer at Mickey Fine Pharmacy.

Updates in the Syl Johnson Case

Michael Jackson and some other defendants has a new attorney in the case, since the old one left his former company, Jenner & Block LLP.


Official Thriller Live Merchandises

Official "Thriller Live" merchandises has been released recently (January, 2009). You may order them from here:


Michael Jackson Auditorium Still Covered

Unfortunately the letters on the "Michael Jackson Auditorium" in the King of Pop's former elementary school are still covered.

Recent video (November 4th, 2008):


Michael Jackson Owned Properties

I have made a research on Michael Jackson's known properties. Below you may see an overview:

Jackson Family home in Gary (Recent picture above)
According to the official papers the property's current total value is over $19.000 and owned by the Jackson Heirs Trust (Katherine and Joseph Jackson). Some sources says that Jackson bought the property back in early 2003. There are no liens or unpaid taxes on the property.

Jackson Family home in Encino
The Jackson Family compound is worth around $3 million. According to the official papers, the home is owned by Jackson himself. There are no unpaid taxes on the property, but a $4 million mortage lien.

Katherine Jackson's home in Las Vegas
The property's title once bought by Michael to Katherine has been moved to the "Land Title of Nevada Inc." back in 2003 in Katherine and Joseph Jackson's bankruptcy case. According to several sources, Katherine still has the rights to stay in the home. There are no liens or unpaid taxes on the property.

Neverland Valley Ranch
Jackson did not visit the famous ranch since his 2005 acquittal. The farm is owned by a joint venture between Jackson and Colony Capital (Sycamore Valley Ranch Company LLC) since late 2008. There are no unpaid taxes on the property, but a $24.5 million mortage lien.

Los Angeles property
Jackson reportedly owns a Century City hideout, but no further information is known about this property.

Rented mansions
According to the media reports, Jackson recently rents two mansions, one in Las Vegas and the other in Beverly Hills.

Thriller Live's Michael Jackson Boys

Above you may see pictures about the three young guys playing Michael Jackson in the new "Thriller Live" musical starting today in the West End.


Update On The New Michael Jackson Catalouge Box Set

The fans who already ordered the new Michael Jackson Catalouge Box Set have been informed by Julien's Auction, that the item will not be shipped until after March, 2009.

Michael Jackson Events Calendar

I just added a Michael Jackson Events Calendar to my blog, that you may find on the right side. Busy months are coming...

As well you can easily add my blog to your favourite RSS Reader.

New Motown Compilations

As a part of the "Motown 50" celebration, Michael Jackson's former record label will release new compilations both from the King of Pop and the Jackson 5:

January 27, 2008: Jackson 5 - Love Songs

February, 2008: Hello World - The Motown Solo Collection

Motown 50 - Jackson 5 In Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Museum

Michael Jackson's former record label, Motown will celebrate it's 50th anniversary this year. The official celebration will kick off on January 12, 2008.

Motown and "Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Museum" launches a new exhibition today containing items from the Chicago Motown Museum. Among others some Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson memorablia can be seen there.