Legal Cases - Updates

Below you can read an updated list of the legal cases of the Michael Jackson Estate (I didn't include any non-related or Jackson family cases). At the moment the MJ Estate doesn't have any serious cases, but they have to fight to protect MJ's legacy.

Michael Jackson Estate on probate court
September will have some interesting hearings, amongst others the court will decide on a new contract between the MJ Estate and an unnamed party about selling exclusive MJ rights; selling the Hayvenhurst residence and buying a new estate for Katherine Jackson and the kids.

Michael Jackson Estate vs. Howard Mann
The case is still ongoing, but after the motion of the private investigator has been rejected nothing interesting happened. The trial already has a tentative date for September, 2012.
As a reminder: the MJ Estate is suing Mann for illegally using some MJ trademarks and to interfere with their business.

John Landis and Ola Ray vs. Michael Jackson Estate
The cases will go on trial from October 24th, 2011 and early next year.
Both Landis and Ray are suing the MJ Estate for allegedly unpaid royalty fees from the "Thriller" video.

Nederlander Presentations vs. Michael Jackson Estate
The case will go on trial this November.
As a reminder: Nederlander sued MJ due to a contract for the theatrical version of "Thriller", that never realised.

Lloyds vs. AEG Live and Michael Jackson Estate
At the moment I have no further information on the case.

Michael Jackson Estate vs. Melissa Johnson
After the case has been closed some other documets been filed on the court, however many of them has been filed under seal. Based on the available papers it seems that Johnson still tries to fight for the intellectual properties of the MJ Estate and wants to be heard on October 24, 2011. And of course she has a new lawyer again, who is asking for some delay in the case... again. This is a last and powerless attempt on Johnson's part.
As a reminder: the MJ Estate sued Johnson for copytight infrigment and to interfere with their business. The only trademarks they still owns are: "Make the change", "Michael", "Gone too soon" and "TGOL".

First Commemorative Inc. vs. Bravado International Group
This case is still ongoing. If you remember, Bravado signed a deal with the above mentioned company to produce and sell official coins with Michael Jackson's face. The business deal failed, the company claimed that Bravado didn't follow the things they agreed on, especially when it came to the promotion of the ready product.
The next hearing will be on October 12, 2011, but good news that the parties successfully mediated the case and in the process of having a settlement.

Furthermore MJ Publishing Trust and Bravado Merchandising Group are included in plenty of cases due to copyright infrigments.