HIStory logo - Updates

I have been informed that the HIStory logo has been cancelled in Germany due to the a 3rd party request (might be the Michael Jackson Estate). The action happened last October.



Most of the Michael Jackson company addresses has been changed to Howard Weitzman's office address recently.
As well the companies have a new CPA: Miller Kaplan Arase and Co. LLP.

Hamid Moslehi, MJ's past personal videographer registered several audio/video materials recently. The materials consists recordings of MJ concerts and his personal life. Will he expose them somehow?

And if someone reads this from the MJ Estate: all the Estate owned domain redirections are not working, except MichaelJacksonLive.com

Legal Cases - Updates

Michael Jackson Estate on probate court
Other than having a court hearing about the DeMann case can not be expected soon.

Michael Jackson Estate vs. Howard Mann
The case is still ongoing, nothing interesting has happened. Trial date set for September 2012.
As a reminder: the MJ Estate is suing Mann for illegally using some MJ trademarks and to interfere with their business.

Michael Jackson Estate vs. Melissa Johnson
The case is back, or it has never gone! Johnson's lawyers still contend the settlement agreement between the parties that has been amended by the judge earlier. The Estate wants to make sure that they can fully protect MJ's rights. In the new documents Johnson explained that she is open for a settlement.
As a reminder: the MJ Estate is suing Johnson for illegally using some MJ trademarks and to interfere with their business.

John Landis and Ola Ray vs. Michael Jackson Estate
The case is still ongoing and will go on trial early this year.
Both Landis and Ray are suing the MJ Estate for allegedly unpaid royalty fees from the "Thriller" video.

Lloyds vs. AEG Live and Michael Jackson Estate
At the moment I have no further information on the case.

Furthermore MJ Publishing Trust and Bravado Merchandising Group are included in plenty of cases due to copyright infrigments.