Legal Cases - Updates

Helen-Harris Scott vs. Michael Jackson
The Plaintiff sued Jackson for infliction of emotional distress. She claims that Jackson followed and disturber over the past years. Jackson's lawyers' filed for a summary judgement on many occasions. The next hearing on the issue will be held on December 2, 2009 when the case will be most likely closed down.

Billie Jean Jackson vs. Michael Jackson
Similar case to the above one. The legal action has been dismissed on August 17, 2009 because of lack of the prosecution. Billie Jean did not even attend the last hearing.

John Landis vs. Michael Jackson
The Plaintiff sued Jackson for unpaid royalties over the Thriller video. The case is still ongoing, the next hearing will be held on December 3, 2009.

Raymone Bain vs. Michael Jackson
The case is still ongoing, however no filings made since mid August, and no other hearings appointed yet. Bain wants to get almost $40 million from Jackson's Estate for unpaid fees.

AllGood Entertainment vs. Michael Jackson
The company still wants to get some money from Jackson's Estate, and they draw up a plan about a jury trial starting in October, 2010.

Sylvester Johnson vs. Michael Jackson
However the parties agreed on a settlement this May, the case is still ongoing, because the Estate of Jackson can not determine if they can execute the settlement agreement without a court approval. The last hearing was held on September 17, 2009.

Jonathan Lee Richies vs. Michael Jackson
Another crazy lawsuit, will be closed hopefully soon.

Another Crazy Lawsuit

Another crazy lawsuit has been filed against Michael Jackson('s Estate) recently.

Download the unbeliavable details from here: http://www.michaeljackson.hu/temporary/JonathanLeeRitches_vs_MichaelJackson.pdf

This Is It Soundtrack Release Date

Michael Jackson's "This Is It" movie soundtrack CD will be released on / around November 27., 2009 worldwide.


Captain EO In Disneyland Again?

It's still unclear if Disney will put Michael Jackson's "Captain Eo" movie back in any of the Disneyland Parks. But following the recent days' reports we can certainly say "someting is in the air"...

Disney exhibited Jackson's costumes from the movie on it's eagerly awaited D23 Expo this week:

"Michael Jackson's Captain Eo costume is a spectacular item, and is lent to the Walt Disney Archives courtesy of Lucasfilm."

Another article posted on Disney's official website commemorates the joint work with Jackson (the company did not do any such things for decades):


Official Michael Jackson Trademarks

Many of the late Michael Jackson's companies are represented by a law firm from Atlanta, 'Greenberg Traurig'. Among the companies are 'The Michael Jackson Company LLC' (TMJC) and 'Triumph International Inc' (TI). Both companies are wholly owned by Jackson's Estate.

TMJC just registered the trademarks for "This Is It", Jackson's planned series of London concerts. This means that we can expect more official items coming related to the production.

The same time TI applied for the trademarks of Jackson's well known signature, as well his name, the Neverland logo, the "Moonwalker" logo, the "King Of Pop" and "MJ" titles to use them for merchandising purposes. TI neither any of Jackson's companies owned these for a very long time.
Now 'Greenberg Traurig' wants to erase all the third party, unofficial trademark owners citing confuse of the consumers. They filed a petition at the "United States Patent and Trademark Office" on August 17, 2009, that the office granted yesterday. This means that from now on Jackson's Estate can file legal actions against the ones using any of the above mentioned trademarks without their permission.

In the meantime 'Sycamore Valley Ranch Company LLC', the company that owns Jackson's former home along with his Estate filed for trademarks to open a museum and other entertainment services on Neverland.

This Is It Release Dates

The 'This Is It' movie will be released in the following countries:

France - 28 October 2009
Germany - 28 October 2009
UK - 28 October 2009
USA - 28 October 2009
Argentina - 29 October 2009
Netherlands - 29 October 2009
Russia - 29 October 2009
South Korea - 29 October 2009
Greece - 30 October 2009
Japan - 30 October 2009
Norway - 30 October 2009
Sweden - 30 October 2009
Hungary - 29 October 2009