New 'Beat It' Japanese Promo CD

Below You can see a new "Beat It' Japanese Promo CD cover:


Michael Jackson On The Big Screen!

Sony BMG Entertainment Hungary just announced that as a part of the "Thriller 25" promotion, they'll have a screening on April 29, 2008 in one of the best Hungarian cinemas.

They'll introduce the 1992 Bucharest concert to the big screen!

Below You can see the promo poster.

Tidbits: Michael Jackson Mystery Holdings Limited

You may wonder what "Michael Jackson Mystery Holdings Limited" is about, but the company still exists in Hong-Kong.

The company has been established back in 1997 by Dieter Wiesner and Karl Neubacher.

However it's last known representative retired on November 16, 2004.

The Michael Jackson Scholarship

Michael Jackson established a scholarship on United Negro College Fund back in 1988.

However we did't hear that much about this, the scholarship still exists!

Below You can see an application that the students should send to UNCF in order to participate in the program.

UNCF held it's last "Michael Jackson Scholarship Party" on June, 2007.


Another Settled Case!

Michael Jackson settled another court case, of of his last ones!

On April 14, 2008 Berstein, Fox, Whitman, Goldman and Sloan asked for a dismissal on the case they brought againts Jackson back in 2006.

Jackson's lawyer did so in the counter suit case.

With this surprising move Jackson has left with a very handful of court cases!


New Uri Geller Interview

New Uri Geller Interview

Uri Geller recently gave an interview to a Hungarian radio station in which he talked about Michael Jackson as well.

Uri revealed that his friendship with Jackson is over.

"I don't wanna talk about it..."- said Uri.

He insisted that the breakup with Jackson started out when the pop star did several outrageous anti-semite statements. However Uri admitted that he can not be sure if Michael really said anything like this.

Uri furthermore discussed his participation on the "Invincible" album, and about the famous hypnosis story. He was very positive and supportive towards Jackson.

"Michael said to me under hypnosis, that he paid the kids because he could not take the pressure anymore. He is innocent, I'm 100% sure of it!"- said Uri.

"I've made a big mistake! I introduced him to Martin Bashir. He was the one who produced that documentary about Michael, that was the core of all of his problems."- however in Uri's opinion Jackson did a mistake as well.

"I feel like that he is still very angry at me."


Michael In Bossa

A recent CD release from Universal Japan.

"The music of Michael Jackson like you've never heard it before -- served up in a gentle bossa nova mode that's miles from Motown and from his bigger hits of the 80s! The tunes here are plenty darn familiar, but the versions are all quite fresh -- contemporary bossa takes on the older sounds of Jackson -- done by a handful of like-minded artists who give the album a very unified feel. Material was originally recorded by the Albatroz label in Brazil -- and although the singers vary a bit from track to track, its our guess that instrumentation is by a core jazzy combo on all the numbers. Titles include "Beat It" and "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough" by Chris Delano, "Human Nature" and "Rock With You" by Marcela Mangabeira, "Billie Jean" by Barbara Mendes, "The Lady In My Life" by Dudu Braga, "Thriller" by Lulu Joppert, "Man In The Mirror" by Paulinho Loureiro, and "I Can't Help It" by Deco Fiori."

Here You can hear snipets from the CD:

Court News

Court News

"Nona Jackson" just filed for a joinder in the already settled Deborah Rowe vs. Michael Jackson case.
There are no further details about Nona's recent action.

Dieter Wiesner's lawyer filed for an appeal on April 4, 2008.
The has been settled this February under the settlement agreement. No other details are known.


New Song For The Vegas Show?

An interesting tidbit: back on March 26, 2007 someone registered a new song under the name of "Into The Light" in the US Copyright Office.

The description says: "This treatment is written to be presented for show production number in "Michael Jackson Las Vegas Show"."

The claimant was Jerald Vincent.


Aphrodite Jones's "Conspiracy" Goes To France!

Aphrodite Jones's "Conspiracy" book will be released in French language.

The book, called "Complot Contre Michael Jackson" will be out on May 3, 2008.


Week 6 Sales Of "Thriller 25"

Below You can read the summary of week 6 sales of "Thriller 25":

INDIA: #1 (1) once again with 12K shipped: PLATINUM
COLOMBIA: #1 (1) again this week with 4.2K shipped
AUSTRALIA: #2 (3) UP THIS WEEK with 70K shipped: PLATINUM
MEXICO: #2 (2) again this week with 50K shipped: GOLD
BRAZIL: #2 (4) with 23K shipped
THAILAND: #3 (1) with 2.1K shipped
ARGENTINA: #4 (3) with 3.2K shipped
JAPAN: #5 (3) with 84K shipped
CANADA: #5 (2) with 66K shipped: GOLD
SPAIN: #5 (4) this week with 42K shipped: GOLD
NORWAY: #5 (5) with 28K shipped: GOLD (on the way to Platinum)
GREECE: #5 (3) with 2.5K shipped
HONG KONG: #6 with 9.2K shipped: GOLD
HUNGARY: #6 (7) UP THIS WEEK with 1.4K shipped
BELGIUM: #8 (2) with 21K shipped: PLATINUM
DENMARK: #8 (5) with 14.5K shipped (on the way to Gold)
CHILE: #9 (12) with 2K shipped
FRANCE: #10 (6) with 202K shipped: PLATINUM
SWEDEN: #10 (5) with 20K shipped: GOLD
US: #11 (6) (still #1 on Catalog Chart 6 weeks in a row!) with 635K shipped: GOLD
CZECH REPUBLIC: #11 (11) with 2K shipped
SWITZERLAND: #12 (7) with 21K shipped: GOLD
PORTUGAL: #13 (7) with 7.3K shipped
UK: #14 (7) with 200K shipped: GOLD
TURKEY: #15 (8) with 1K shipped
HOLLAND: #18 (8) with 22K shipped
NEW ZEALAND: #20 (9) with 6.8K shipped
IRELAND: #21 (10) with 10.5K shipped: GOLD
ITALY: #23 (11) with 40K shipped: GOLD
POLAND: #23 (18) with 10.3K shipped: PLATINUM
FINLAND: #23 (25) with 3K shipped
GERMANY: #29 (19) with 63K shipped
AUSTRIA: #40 (25) with 9K shipped (on the way to Gold)

European Billboard chart: #6 (2) this week

Almost 1.7 MILLION ALBUMS has been shipped as yet of now!

Michael Jackson Calendars For 2009

MichaelJackson.hu reported first about a proposed new Michael Jackson calendar for 2009.

The "Thriller" themed calendar will be released by ML Publishing in August.

"I know MLP has listed a 2009 Michael Jackson Calendar, but that does not mean our company will release it. We are always listing many calendars via MLP and our labels, but only a handful see a release in the end. At the moment that calendar is not on our production list." - said Gary McAllister, the Product Manager of MLP.

Now it has come to our attention that
Blossom Rock Publishing will release another Jackson calendar this September. No other details emerged about this release as yet of now.

Two New Michael Jackson DVD Releases

Sony BMG Muisc Entertainment recently re-released two old Michael Jackson DVDs as a part of their new "Visual Milestones" series.

Above You can find the never before seen HQ cover images.