Who Owns The Jackson Memorablia?

I have been asked in the blog about Henry V. Vaccaro's ownership in the Jackson Family memorablia. Because there are different informations circulating in the media.

What I found out: Vaccaro has a case against a Californa man, named Benson Hopp. In this very ongoing case Vaccaro claims that Hopp stole some of the memorablia from the warehouse where it has been kept for months, and tried to sell them on an auction.

As per a January 31st, 2011 court paper Vaccaro still claims that he is the rightful owner of the memorablia. And furthermore: Vaccaro has a $550.000 unpaid federal tax lien and while the IRS made it's own research they found out that Vaccaro is the only owner of the items.

The IRS demands to sell these items to pay Vaccaro's liens. That most probably means that all the Jackson memorablias might be sold again, and that Howard Mann's ownership is questionable.

Anyways, the greedy old man, Vaccaro got the shorter end of the stick, again.


Court Case Updates

John Landis' case will go on trial this October according to a late January hearing.

AQ Consulting's case against the MJ Estate has been dismissed on January 20th, 2011. The reason is that AQ did not file a proper claim with the California Superior Court where the Estate is on a probate case.

Citadel requested for a default judgement in it's case against Frank DiLeo, because he didn't answer the complaints since last September. It means that DiLeo has to pay the $300.000 to Citadel he took from the company.


Another Paul Anka Collaboration?

I just found another MJ and Paul Anka collaboration named "It don't matter to me".

The song seems to be copyrighted under MJ's and Anka's name late last year.


More Money to the Rabbi

Shmuley Boteach rabbi just released a new book called "Honoring the Child Spirit: Inspiration and Learning from Our Children" that he promotes with MJ's name. Again.

Just read the review he made up for his own book on Amazon:

"Honoring the Child Spirit is an inspirational, emotional, and prescriptive book that calls upon each of us to recognize and honor the openness, creativity, innocence, and awe of children—and to tap into and pay tribute to the childlike spirit that lies at the heart of us all.
Adulthood, according to the late Michael Jackson, is not the be all and end all of growing up and living a worthwhile life. With society’s high expectations placed upon maturity and responsibility, we often shut down our curiosity, sense of play, and deep sensitivity. And with this shutting down, we too often fail to recognize and cherish that spirit in our own children—and the world’s children—so that they can thrive and flourish as children.

With evocative chapters on the childlike qualities most important to Michael Jackson—from Awe and Wonder, Creativity, and Gratitude to Imagination and Security—this heartfelt book gives voice to the eternity of Michael’s spirit and how he should be remembered: as someone who tried to live by these childlike qualities. Though far from perfect, it was this attempt to sustain innocence amidst the trappings of fame that became his life’s goal."

Henry Vaccaro Deleted

The MJ Estate is getting serious. Henry Vaccaro's YouTube page has been deleted recently due to copyright infrigment. I have a guess about who reported Vaccaro.


First Details of the New Case

The first details of the MJ Estate vs. Howard Mann case:

- The Estate claims that MJ sold over 800 million copies of his albums until now.

- The Estate claims the following copyright infrigments: This Is It poster; Thriller25 liner notes; the Destiny song; MJ drawings; the Vintage Pop Media logo that contains the MJ lean; domain names; master recordings.

- The Estate wants the followings: stop Mann from using MJ's likeness, image, videos, etc.; all the domains; stop doing anything with the master tapes.

Michael Jackson Estate vs. Howard Mann

MJ's Estate finally sued Howard Mann! I'm sure this won't be an easy round, but at the end the good will win! Good luck for the Estate!

More details will be shared here soon...



Fire Mountain Services LLC, TTC Touring Inc. has been merged out this week. That means that intellectual properties owned

by this company has been added to another MJ entity.
FMS owned some intellectual property amongst others the Take Two documentary. TTC owned most of the concert footages.

Star Sands Inc. claims Shaye Sullwold and Flamingo Features defrauded it of $50,025 by promising but failing to deliver a video interview with Michael Jackson's mother. The case is pending on Los Angeles Superior Court.

Ian Halperin joined to the team of people who tried to betray MJ but at the end his fate treated him badly. Halpering released a much hated and controversial book about MJ, but haven't been paid by his publisher. The case is on a Montreal Superior court at the moment. Good luck you looser!

Frank DiLeo has been sued again. A promoter claims DiLeo Entertainment swiped $171,000 by falsely claiming it had "exclusive rights" for an "Eddie Griffin & Jamie Foxx Comedy Tour." BJK Entertainment claims DiLeo lied about the comedy tour and refused to return the money. The case is pending on a California court.


Legal Cases - Updates

I have collected all the information related to the pending legal cases of the MJ Estate:

John Landis vs. Michael Jackson
Trial setting conference has been held on January 12, 2011. The case will go on trial most likely this year. Landis is claiming to have unpaid fees from the Thriller video.

Ola Ray vs. Michael Jackson
The case will go on trial this August. Ray's claims are similar to Landis.

Nederlander Presentations vs. The Estate of Michael Jackson
The case will go on trial this November. Nederland claims that they have a valid contract for a Thriller musical with the late entertainer, that the Estate is not approving now.

Richard Lapointe vs. Julien's Auctions
The case will go on trial this March. Lapointe wants money due to a failed MJ memorablia auction.

Seven Echols vs. The Estate of Michael Jackson
The case will go on trial this June. Echols claims that he hasn't been paid as MJ's former bodyguard.

Jose Freddie Vallejos vs. The Estate of Michael Jackson
Vallejos wants the Estate to pay the full costs of the MJ funeral. Plaintiff filed for a demurrer due to legal errors.

AQ Consulting vs. The Estate of Michael Jackson
In it's reply to the plaintiff the Estate lawyers explained that AQ is not entitled to get any compensations since they did not file a creditors claim against the Estate on Los Angeles court. The Estate lawyer just requested for a dismissal in the case.

AllGood Entertainment vs. The Estate of Michael Jackson
The company still tries to get some money from the Estate for the never happened concerts. No important updates since last November.

The Estate of Michael Joseph Jackson (on Los Angeles court)
Tohme R. Tohme has a late creditors claim against the Estate. As well there is an interesting motion related to the sale of an Estate real property.

Bravado International Merchandising Inc.
Bravado is still suing a handful number of companies due to copyright infrigment on the MJ trademarks.

Has no information of:
Aner Iglesias vs. The Estate of Michael Jackson
Jurgen Bachus vs. The Estate of Michael Jackson

In other related news: Marc Schaffel is still on court with FOX claiming that he is the rightful owner of the 2003 Debbie Rowe interview. Despite the fact that it was MJ's company that licensed the whole tv show to third parties.

It's clear that the Estate has no serious cases at all, and that they decided to fight on court with the rest of the matters.