New Michael Jackson Releases - Updates

After Michael Jackson's tragic death series of new releases made available. Below you may read an overview of the latest additions, and here are the previous entries: http://lesliemjhu.blogspot.com/2009/06/new-michael-jackson-releases-updates.html

July - Remember The Time: Michael Jackson Erinnerungen an den King of Pop (unofficial book)

July 2 - Michael Jackson: The World Says Goodbye to the King of Pop (unofficial paperback)

July 3 - The Music Of Michael Jackson A Collector's Guide (unofficial paperback)

July 7 - A Rememberance of Michael Jackson (unofficial CD)

July 10 - In Memory of Michael Jackson (unofficial CD)

July 14 - Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson (unofficial hardcover book by Ian Halpering, very negative)

July 14 - A Tribute to Michael Jackson Remember (unofficial 2CD)

July 14 - Remember (released by MJJ Productions with known demos?)

July 17 - Michael Jackson: Life of a Legend (unofficial hardcover book)

July 17 - Michael Jackson - Legend, Hero, Icon: A Tribute to the King of Pop (unofficial hardcover book by Harper Collins Publishers)

July 20 - Michael Jackson 2010 Calendar (official by Danilo)

July 28 - Babies Go Michael Jackson (unofficial CD)

July 28 - Stripped Mixes (official CD by Motown)

July 31 - Michael Jackson: The Visual Documentary (unofficial updated version from Adrian Grant, positive)

July 31 - Michael Jackson: Complete Guide to the Music Of (unofficial paperback, comes from the same publisher as Grant's book)

August - Michael Jackson - In Memoriam 2010. (Calendar)

August 5 - Michael Jackson: The Magic, The Madness, The Whole Story, 1958-2009 (unofficial hardcover, updated by Randy Taraborelli)

August 11 - Michael Jackson: Moonwalking - The True Story of Michael Jackson (unofficial DVD and book)

August 12 - Michael Jackson - Good-bye, Jacko! (unofficial DVD)

August 24 - Michael Jackson King of Pop 1958-2009 (unofficial paperback)

August 25 - Definitive Collection (official CD by Motown)

August 31 - Michael Jackson: The Unauthorised Biography (unofficial paperback)

August 31 - Michael Jackson in search of Neverland (unofficial paperback, the story of how Jackson found Neverland in a 3 years search along with Gloria Rhoads Berlin)

August 1 - Michael Jackson Legend 1958-2009 (unofficial hardcover book)

September 3 - Michael Jackson: The King of Pop 1958-2009 (unofficial hardcover book)

October 28 - Tribute: Michael Jackson, King of Pop (unofficial paperback, biographical comic book)


This Is It Tour Rehearsals Details

I have obtained more information about Michael Jackson's This Is It Tour rehearsals. All the related contents are owned by AEG Live Inc. and will be released soon.

AEG hired documentarians Tim Patterson and Sandrine Orabona in connection with preparations and rehearsals for the tour.

Jackson started the first rehearsals on May 7, 2009 in Center Staging in Burbank and continued it through June 1. Jackson once appeared in Stimulted Inc.'s studio in Burbank on May 29 and in Culver Studios in Culver City from June 1st until June 10th. The preparations were made in the Forum in Inglewood on June 1 through June 21. The staging moved to the Staples Center in Los Angeles on June 22.

Jackson's creative team included among others the following members: Michael Bearden (musical director), Alfred Dunbar (bass), Roger Bashiri Johnson (percussion), Jonathan Moffett (drums), Thomas Organ (guitar), Orianthi Panagaris (lead guitar), and Morris Pleasure (keyboard); singers Judith Hill, Dorian Holley, Darryl Phinnesse and Kenneth Stacey; director Kenny Ortega; choreographers Travis Payne, Anthony Testa, and Stacey Walker; Karen Faye Heinze (hair and make up); Michael Bush (costumes). The selected dancers were: Nicholas Bass, Daniel Celebre, Mekia Cox, Christopher Grant, Misha Hamilton, Shannon Holtzapffel, Devin Jamieson, Charles Klapow, Ricardo Reid, Danielle Rueda Watts, Tyne Stecklein, and Timor Steffens.

Jackson once singed and danced in Stimulated Inc.'s studio for 2D and 3D footages for the backgorund Chaos LED screen to be set onstage behind him and for the already discussed Dome Project. The Dome Project would consist seven works: Smooth Criminal (Jackson inserted into classic 2D black-and-white film noir chase sequence); Thriller (3-D movie starting in a haunted house with a ghostly image of Vincent Price, then moving into a graveyard where the dead awaken); Earth Song (3D short film featuring little girl who wanders through rain forest, takes a nap and dreams of the splendor of nature, and awakens to find the natural world has been devastated); They Don't Care About Us (a/k/a Drill, 2D film in which a sea of soldiers march in unison; 10 male dancers replicated hundreds of times); MJ Air (3-D movie in which a 707 jet pulls into the frame; hole was to open in screen for Michael Jackson to enter; jet flies away); The Final Message (3-D movie of little girl from rain forest embracing the earth); and The Way You Make Me Feel (2D theatrical background featuring male dancers fashioned as historical construction workers).

AEG despite their previous statements does not have so many footages, but most of them are from the June 23 - 24 rehearsals.

The setlist includes among others: Wanne Be Startin' Somethin', Jam, They Don't Care About Us/Drill medley, Human Nature, Smooth Criminal, The Way You Make Me Feel, Black or White, Jackson 5 Medley, Off the Wall, I Just Can't Stop Loving You, Dangerous, Thriller/Threatened medley, Beat It, We are the World and Earth Song.

Other video sequences for the backgorund Chaos LED screen to be set onstage behind him would include the followings: Flashes and Glimpses (historical timeline of last century in 90 seconds); Startin' Somethin' (animation with letters MJ and words This Is It); Jackson 5 Medley (graphic animation featuring Jackson 5 logo); I Just Can't Stop Loving You (animation of a baroque hall of mirrors); Dangerous (graphic animation replicating brainwaves); Dirty Diana (graphic animation replicating fire); We are the World (graphic animation containing religious icons); and Heal the World (stock footage of children).

AEG furthermore owns over 1.000 color, digital photos taken on May 6 and June 22 - 23.