"The Jacksons - An American Dream" On TV

The Hungarian "TV2" television channel will show "The Jacksons - An American Dream" movie on January 13-14, 2008 (in two parts).

Updates In Syl Johnson Case

A status hearing / telephone conference held on 12/30/08 before the Honorable Marvin E. Aspen Judge.

If the parties can not agree on a settlement, the parties are to file with the Court a joint detailed discovery plan, with a courtesy copy to Chambers.

Next hearing: 2/17/09


Some Tidbits

Some tidbits:

- The 2SeasRecords.com website has been removed following the settlement between Michael Jackson and the Bahrain Prince.

- The "Miss Cast Away And The Island Girls" movie will be shown on several TV channels around the globe (Hungarian RTL - December 31, 2008 8:50pm).


"Thriller" Re-Release

Legacy Recordings will re-release Michael Jackson's original "Thriller" album next January (12th in USA).


Updates On New Michael Jackson Releases

As it's been reported on many websites, Michael Jackson will release new official figures through his "Triumph International Inc." (the products are licensed by "Ecbizz Japan Co. Ltd." from "MJ Marketing (Asia-Pacific) Pte. Ltd.") together with "Hot Toys Japan Co. Inc.".

Three different types will be available for the public:

- January 20, 2009: CosBaby - Michael Jackson Thriller Student figure
The figure will be available in the Japanese HMV stores only in a limited number edition (for sale in Hong-Kong and Japan only).


- January 20, 2009: CosBaby - Michael Jackson figures
Jackson and Hot Toys will release 7 figures, six of them known prior to the order and one surprise (for sale in Hong-Kong and Japan only).


- February 20, 2008: MIcon - Billie Jean figure
This new "larger then life" release can be changed on 38 points!


Michael Jackson's Licensing Issues

Updates to my December 6th, 2008 post regarding Michael Jackson's licensing business issues:

- Jackson's original licence owner company "Triumph International Inc." (TI) has been suspended for sure both in California and Delaware. However in the very same year someone registered "Triumph International LLC" in Delaware. It's still unclear if the second company does belong to Jackson.

- It seems that "TI" is still the sole licence owner of Jackson's merchandising rights worldwide, however "TI" sold these rights in Europe to "MJ Licensing LLC" (MJL) until June 2012. Jackson most probably has a 75% stake in MJL.

- Jackson has established "MJ Marketing (Asia-Pacific) PTE LTD" (MJM) through "TI" back in 2002. The company is still active and handles Jackson's merchandising businesses in Asia ("MJ Japan", the Japanese clothing line, the new Thriller figures all does belong to "MJM").

- I have reported about another merchandising company of Jackson's called "Michael Jackson Mystery Holding Ltd". The Hong-Kong based company once responsible for the "Mystery" drink has been suspended this August.

- "MJ Company LLC" is still a mystery for many reasons. The company is still active in California, and was responsible for Jackson's touring plans after the "HIStory" era.

There is still a lot to do with Jackson's merchandising businesses. It seems that the star and his people has to negoiate with third parties to resolve these matters.

Schaffel Case Closed

A dismissal order has been filed in the Schaffel vs. Jackson case on December 23, 2008.

One more case has gone.


Legal Updates

Updates to my November 27th, 2008 post:

Billie Jean Jackson vs. Michael Jackson
Updates: No next court hearing yet.

Ola Ray vs. Michael Joe Jackson, Optimum Productions Inc.,
Updates: The case has been dismissed on 12/03/08! The Judge ordered that the Plaintiff did not show the cause of the case.

Sylvester Johnson vs. Michael Joe Jackson, Will Smith, Tupac Shakur, etc
Updates: Johnson demands for $75.000 from Jackson saying that the King of Pop used his 70s hit without a prior consent from the copyright owner. MiJac Music has been already dismissed in the case (04/01/08). Next hearing on 12/30/08

Roberto Hernandez vs. Michael Joe Jackson, Muhammad Basheer, Jackson International LLC
Updates: No updates.

Ayscough & Marrar vs. Michael Joe Jackson, MJJ Productions Inc., Fire Mountain Services LLC
Updates: The case has been closed, however Jackson's filed his briefs. Next hearing on 02/19/09

Marc F. Schaffel vs. Michael Joe Jackson, Fire Mountain Services LLC, MJJ Productions Inc.
Updates: The case has been closed, however Jackson's filed his briefs. Next hearing on 12/22/08

Jackson is involved in several other copyright infrigment cases (through MiJac Music or Sony/ATV Music Publishing) as Plaintiff. Still NO serious cases from two left out.


Rare Michael Jackson Photo

Michael Jackson and Bob Hope.

Official Michael Jackson Websites

Below you may see an overview of Michael Jackson's official websites available:

http://www.michaeljackson.com - Owned and operated by Sony BMG Music Entertainment

Local Michael Jackson websites owned and operated by Sony BMG Music Entertainment:
http://www.michaeljackson.co.uk (unavailable at the moment)

Social networking pages operated by Sony BMG Music Entertainment:

"King of Pop" project's local websites owned and operated by Sony BMG Music Entertainment:

http://www.mjvisionary.com - Official website for "Visionary - The Video Singles"

http://epicrecords.com/EpicCenter/mjj - Official website for "MJJ Music"

http://www.sonyatv.com - Jackson and Sony's joint venture

http://www.mjjapan.com - License owner of Jackson merchandises in Asia
http://www.wakita-inc.co.jp/mj.html - Official Jackson clothes
http://kingofpop.jp - Official Jackson online contents
http://www.coraboruta.co.jp/plan/?p=ml_b - Official Jackson mobilephone

Upcoming Michael Jackson Releases

I just did a full research for new Michael Jackson releases (no re-releases), but did not find more then this two below:

Title: King of Pop - French Edition
Format: 2 CD / 3 CD
Release Date: December 16, 2008.
Region: International
Label: Sony BMG Music Entertainment

Title: The Collection of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson
Format: Box Set (6 books)
Release Date: December 12, 2008.
Region: International
Label: Julien's Auctions

Most probably we will have surprises next year just in 2008. Remember the "Thriller 25" album, the new singles and the "King of Pop" project. These releases generated huge media and public attention, incredible sales for Jackson fully supported by his fans, the music lowers and his previous record labels.


New Official Thriller T-Shirt

'MJ Licensing LLC' officially licensed this Thriller T-shirt with the song's lyrics on the back.

This item has been released on November 28, 2008.

Michael Jackson's Business Issues

Michael Jackson's people did not only resolve his legal issues, but rebuilded his financial empire as well.

Below you may see an overview of Jackson's known business entities:


Name: MJJ Legacy LLC
Profile: Management (Newly established, exact profile still unknown, accounting firm: Holthouse, Carlin & Van Trigt LLP, legal firm: Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP)
Established: 9-22-2008
Status: Active

Name: MJJ Productions LLC and Inc.
Profile: Management (Old company, re-activated for copyright reasons)
Established: Re-activated on 07-31-2008 (10-30-1979)
Status: Active

Name: Michael Jackson Co. LLC
Profile: Management (Established in the "Raymone Bain era", it's future is still unknown)
Established: 06-13-2006
Status: Active


Name: MJJ Kingdom LLC
Profile: Music production (Newly established, exact profile still unknown, headed by Peter M. Lopez from Kleinberg Lopez Lange Cuddy Edel & Klein LLP, legal firm: Robin C. Gilden from Reish Luftman Reicher & Cohen LLP)
Established: 08-08-2008
Status: Active

Name: MJJ Music Inc. (Joint venture with Sony)
Profile: Music label
Established: 17-09-1997
Status: Active

Name: MJJ Records LLC
Profile: Music label
Established: 08-15-1997
Status: Cancelled on 04-26-2002


Name: MJJ Ventures Inc.
Profile: Video production (Old company, re-activated for copyright reasons)
Established: 2-26-1991
Status: Active


Name: MJ Licensing LLC
Profile: Licensing
Established: 10-10-2003 (Re-activated on 04-18-2007)
Status: Active

Name: Triumph International Inc.
Profile: Licensing
Established: 07-19-1982
Status: Cancelled on 03-01-2003


Name: MiJac Music Inc. (under Waner-Tamerlane Publishing)
Profile: Publishing
Established: 1979
Status: Active

Name: Sony ATV Music Publishing LLC
Profile: Publishing
Established: 11-02-1995
Status: Active

Name: MJ ATV Publishing Trust (Jackson's 50% stake in Sony ATV Music Publishing LLC)
Profile: Publishing
Established: 02-09-1999
Status: Active

Name: MJ Publishing LLC (Jackson's 100% stake in Mijac Music Inc.)
Profile: Publishing
Established: 11-30-1998
Status: Inactive

Name: New Horizon Trust
Profile: Publishing
Established: 02-10-2006
Status: Active

Name: New Horizon Trust II.
Profile: Publishing
Established: 11-09-2007
Status: Active

Name: New Horizon Trust III.
Profile: Publishing
Established: 11-13-2007
Status: Active

Name: Sony MJ Music Publishing LLC
Profile: Publishing
Established: 11-02-1995
Status: Active

Name: MJ Sony Music Trust
Profile: Publishing
Established: 1995
Status: Cancelled on 05-31-2006


Name: Sycamore Valley Ranch Company LLC
Profile: Properties
Established: 07-15-2008
Status: Active