Michael Jackson Sued by the Saudi Prince?

According to chambersstudent.co.uk:

"Oh, and Michael Jackson, who has instructed Dewey & LeBoeuf to defend a claim made by a member of the Saudi royal family concerning a recording and entertainment contract."

Michael Jackson's Team

Below you may read an overview of Michael Jackson's known team Members:

L. Londell McMillan (from Dewey & LeBoeuf) - Chief Legal Counsel and Business Manager
Thomas C. Mundell (from Mundell, Odlom & Haws) - California Legal Counsel

Tom Barack (from Colony Capital) - Business Partner

Tohme R, Tohme - Spokesperson
Larry Solters (from Scoop Marketing) - Public relations firm (US)
Celina Aponte (from The Outside Organisation) - Public relations firm (UK)

Peter M. Lopez - Music Manager, Producer

Martin Bandier - Chairman, Sony ATV Music Publishing

Dr. Arnold Klein - Dermatologist


New Box Set Pictures

New pictures from "The Collection of the King of Pop" boxed set:


Another Sign?

AEG Live just signed the ultimate Michal Jackson tribute band "Who'a Bad".

The company announced today that they will organise an event for the band at the Blue Bird Theater (owned by AEG) on March 20, 2009.

As well did you notice that AEG Live is a sponsor of this years' MusiCares event along with Jackson?

Another sign of the Jackson & AEG deal?


Jackson Visits His Longtime Doctor

Take a closer look at the picture.

Dr. Klein's office in Beverly Hills, next to the Mickey Fine Pharmacy. The same white painted walls and brown bricks.

It's been rumored that Michael Jackson's recent visits to a Beverly Hills medical center were somehow in connection with his longtime dermatologist.

Now I can confirm that Jackson visited Dr. Klein at least three times in the last 4 months.

On December 19, 2008 Jackson left Dr. Klein's office along with the doctor himself, however they have not been fully pictured together.

On the above taken picture from December 31, 2008 Jackson's car glints a "Mickey Fine Pharmacy" street ad. Mickey Fine Pharmacy can be found next to Dr. Klein's office in Beverly Hills. In the past Jackson was a frequent buyer at Mickey Fine Pharmacy.

Updates in the Syl Johnson Case

Michael Jackson and some other defendants has a new attorney in the case, since the old one left his former company, Jenner & Block LLP.


Official Thriller Live Merchandises

Official "Thriller Live" merchandises has been released recently (January, 2009). You may order them from here:


Michael Jackson Auditorium Still Covered

Unfortunately the letters on the "Michael Jackson Auditorium" in the King of Pop's former elementary school are still covered.

Recent video (November 4th, 2008):


Michael Jackson Owned Properties

I have made a research on Michael Jackson's known properties. Below you may see an overview:

Jackson Family home in Gary (Recent picture above)
According to the official papers the property's current total value is over $19.000 and owned by the Jackson Heirs Trust (Katherine and Joseph Jackson). Some sources says that Jackson bought the property back in early 2003. There are no liens or unpaid taxes on the property.

Jackson Family home in Encino
The Jackson Family compound is worth around $3 million. According to the official papers, the home is owned by Jackson himself. There are no unpaid taxes on the property, but a $4 million mortage lien.

Katherine Jackson's home in Las Vegas
The property's title once bought by Michael to Katherine has been moved to the "Land Title of Nevada Inc." back in 2003 in Katherine and Joseph Jackson's bankruptcy case. According to several sources, Katherine still has the rights to stay in the home. There are no liens or unpaid taxes on the property.

Neverland Valley Ranch
Jackson did not visit the famous ranch since his 2005 acquittal. The farm is owned by a joint venture between Jackson and Colony Capital (Sycamore Valley Ranch Company LLC) since late 2008. There are no unpaid taxes on the property, but a $24.5 million mortage lien.

Los Angeles property
Jackson reportedly owns a Century City hideout, but no further information is known about this property.

Rented mansions
According to the media reports, Jackson recently rents two mansions, one in Las Vegas and the other in Beverly Hills.

Thriller Live's Michael Jackson Boys

Above you may see pictures about the three young guys playing Michael Jackson in the new "Thriller Live" musical starting today in the West End.


Update On The New Michael Jackson Catalouge Box Set

The fans who already ordered the new Michael Jackson Catalouge Box Set have been informed by Julien's Auction, that the item will not be shipped until after March, 2009.

Michael Jackson Events Calendar

I just added a Michael Jackson Events Calendar to my blog, that you may find on the right side. Busy months are coming...

As well you can easily add my blog to your favourite RSS Reader.

New Motown Compilations

As a part of the "Motown 50" celebration, Michael Jackson's former record label will release new compilations both from the King of Pop and the Jackson 5:

January 27, 2008: Jackson 5 - Love Songs

February, 2008: Hello World - The Motown Solo Collection

Motown 50 - Jackson 5 In Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Museum

Michael Jackson's former record label, Motown will celebrate it's 50th anniversary this year. The official celebration will kick off on January 12, 2008.

Motown and "Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Museum" launches a new exhibition today containing items from the Chicago Motown Museum. Among others some Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson memorablia can be seen there.