Dieter Wiesner Case Dismissed

Today Los Angeles Judge Joseph S. Biderman decided to dismiss the Dieter Wiesner case.

The parties agreed to take part in the settlement discussions weeks ago. After a friendly deposition of Michael Jackson, the parties agreed to dismiss not only parts of the claims, but the entire case.

The details of the settlement agreement are not known.


Court Updates

Updates in several Michael Jackson related court cases:

Both parties filed for a demurrer in the Dieter Wiesner case. If everything goes well, the case will be closed on September 25, 2007.

In the Marc Schaffel case the Judge partly granted the plaintiff's motion about entering the judgement. It means that Jackson still has to pay Schaffel.

In the Universal Express case the defendant's counsel filed for a withdrawn, however Universal wants to keep the case alive.

In the Transitional Investors case Jackson's lawyers filed for a demurrer on Michael Jackson's part.


Good Bye "MJJ Productions"!

Michael Jackson's production company "MJJ Productions Inc." has been recently suspended.

As Raymone Bain promised last year, MJJP will be phased out by "The Michael Jackson Company".

According to several documents TMJC has been transformed from "Inc" to "Llc" this February.


Another Jackson 5 Compilation CD

Universal Music releaed it's latest Jackson 5 compilation CD in late August (in some countries it'll be available in September only).

1 I Want You Back
2 Rockin' Robin
3 Goin' Back To Indiana
4 (We've Got) Blue Skies
5 Don't Let Your Baby Catch You
6 Skywriter
7 Can You Remember
8 Morning Glow (Single Version)
9 Children Of The Light
10 Zip A Dee Doo Dah


Wiesner Case Won't Go On Trial?

According to the latest court information, the jury trial day has been vacaated in the Dieter Wiesner case.

Congratulations to the lawyers!


New Jackson 5 Compilation CD

"Jackson 5: Number 1's" is the latest addition to Universal Music Entertainment's Number 1’s brand which launched in April 2007.

The CD has been released on August 28, 2007. with the following tracklist:

1.I Want You Back - (with Jackson 5/The Jacksons)

2.ABC - (with Jackson 5/The Jacksons)

3.Love You Save, The - (with Jackson 5/The Jacksons)

4.I'll Be There - (with Jackson 5/The Jacksons)

5.Mama's Pearl - (with Jackson 5/The Jacksons)

6.Never Can Say Goodbye - (with Jackson 5/The Jacksons)

7.Got To Be There - (with Jackson 5/The Jacksons)

8.Rockin' Robin - (with Jackson 5/The Jacksons)

9.Ben - (with Jackson 5/The Jacksons)

10.Dancing Machine - (with Jackson 5/The Jacksons)

11.Let's Get Serious - (with Jackson 5/The Jacksons)

12.Enjoy Yourself - (with Jackson 5/The Jacksons)

13.Show You The Way To Go - (with Jackson 5/The Jacksons)

14.Blame It On The Boogie - (with Jackson 5/The Jacksons)

15.Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground) - (with Jackson 5/The Jacksons)

16.Lovely One - (with Jackson 5/The Jacksons)

17.This Place Hotel - (with Jackson 5/The Jacksons)

18.Can You Feel It - (with Jackson 5/The Jacksons)

19.Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough - (with Michael Jackson)

20.Billie Jean - (with Michael Jackson)

Happy Birthday Michael!

Michael Jackson celebrates his 49th birthday today!

Happy birthday to the King Of Pop!


Michael Jackson Sued by Paparazzi

Roberto Hernandez, who tried to take photos of Michael Jackson and his children, claims Jackson’s bodyguard, Basheer Muhammad aka John Freeman, beat him and stole his camera outside the Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino on Jan. 26.

Hernandez sued the star for damages in excess of $50.000.


More Official Logo Drawings

Related to the "Thriller" videoclip from 1985.

"Michael Jackson Signature"
This was a registered trademark until this April in Australia (Triumph International Inc.)


Original Official Logo Drawings

"The World of Michael Jackson"
Official Michael Jackson fan club from 1987 (Triumph International Inc.)

"Michael Jackson"
Logo from 1987 (Triumph International Inc.)

"Neverland Valley"
Michael Jackson's home from 1991 (MJJ Productions Inc.)

"MJJ Productions"
Michael Jackson's production company from 1992 (MJJ Productions Inc.)

"Heal The World"
Michael Jackson's charity foundation from 1992 (Heal The World Foundation)

"Michael's Pets"
Series of Michael Jackson merchandises from 1987 (Triumph International Inc.)

Kapon: Go To A Doctor!

The Judge approved a motion by Michael Jackson's lawyers in the Daniel Kapon case. Jackson's lawyers demanded for a mental examination on Kapon.

Will the truth come out now?


Delays in the Kapon Case

The Daniel Kapon trial date has been moved from September to next January.


New Picture: Michael Jackson and Chad White

Michael Jackson and Chat White on a quiet recent picture.

Someone started a vote about the picture here: http://www.dpolls.com/polls/31736/chad%20white%20&%20Michael%20Jackson
GO and place Your vote right now!

Michael Jackson Settled with his Former Lawyers

As many media outlets reported, Michael Jackson has been sued by his former entertainment lawyers last Wednesday.

The law firm Lavely & Singer of Los Angeles said Jackson agreed in arbitration last year to pay them $180,000 in three installments, but failed to do so.

Now we can exclusively report that Mr. Jackson already settled this issue with his former lawyers, and the case has been closed down.

The settlement details are not known.


Tidbit: Michael Jackson's Elvis Songs

Did You know that Michael Jackson owns more then 60 Elvis Presley songs through his joint venture with Sony?

Below You can find a full list of these songs:

BIG BOSS MAN (Al Smith/Luther Dixon)
BOSSA NOVA BABY (Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller)
BURNING LOVE (Dennis Linde)
DIRTY DIRTY FEELING (Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller)
DON’T (Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller)
FOOLS FALL IN LOVE (Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller)
GET BACK (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)
GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS (Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller)
HE IS MY EVERYTHING (Dallas Frazier)
HEARTBREAK HOTEL (Mae Boren Axton/Tommy Durden/Elvis Presley)
HELP ME (Larry Gatlin)
HEY JUDE (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)
HOT DOG (Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller)
HOW’S THE WORLD TREATING YOU (Chet Atkins/Boudleaux Bryant)
I FEEL SO BAD (Chuck Willis)
I WANT TO BE FREE (Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller)
IN THE GARDEN (Gordon Stoker/Neal Matthews)
IT’S A SIN (Fred Rose/Zeb Turner)
JAILHOUSE ROCK (Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller)
JUST TELL HER JIM SAID HELLO (Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller)
KING CREOLE (Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller)
LITTLE EGYPT (Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller)
LONG TALL SALLY (Richard Penniman/Entoris Johnson/Robert Blackwell)
LOVE COMING DOWN (Jerry Chesnut)
LOVE LETTERS (Victor Young/Edward Heyman)
LOVE ME (Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller)
LOVING YOU (Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller)
NEVER AGAIN (Billy Edd Wheeler/Jerry Chesnut)
ONE NIGHT (Dave Bartholomew/Pearl King/Anita Steiman)
RELEASE ME (Eddie Miller/Dub Williams/Robert Yount)
RIP IT UP (Robert Blackwell/John Marascalco)
SANTA CLAUS IS BACK IN TOWN (Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller)
SAVED (Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller)
SHE’S NOT YOU (Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller/Doc Pomus)
STEADFAST, LOYAL, AND TRUE (Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller)
THAT’S WHEN YOUR HEARTACHES BEGIN (Fred Fisher/Billy Hill/William Raskin)
TREAT ME NICE (Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller)
TROUBLE (Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller)
T-R-O-U-B-L-E (Jerry Chesnut)
TUTTI FRUTTI (Richard Penniman/Dorothy LaBostrie/Joe Lubin)
WEAR MY RING AROUND YOUR NECK (Russell Moody/Bert Carroll)
WELCOME TO MY WORLD (Ray Winkler/John Hathcock)
WITCHCRAFT (Dave Bartholomew/Pearl King)
YESTERDAY (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)
(YOU’RE SO SQUARE) BABY I DON’T CARE (Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller)


Tidbit: Myung-Ho Lee Has Been Sued

Did You know that several months after Michael Jackson settled with his former business manager Myung-Ho Lee, Lee has been sued by his own lawyers?

To make a long story short, it's all about money. Both sides want more, more, more.


Lavely&Singer vs. Jackson Next Hearing

The next hearing in the Lavely&Singer vs. Michael Jackson case will be held on December 3, 2007.


Online Michael Jackson Casino!

Would You like to play in a casino with Michael Jackson? Visit the "Michael Jackson Casino" at http://www.michaeljacksoncasino.com !


Video About The New Thriller Dance Record

Here is the first OFFICIAL video about the dance record:

As You may see most of the dancers are teenagers or kids, they loved it, and I think that's amaizing!


New "Thriller" Dance World Record!

On August 4, 2007 more then 160 dancers took part in a record breaking show in front of 1.500 onlookers! This was the largest group of people ever, who actively danced for Michael Jackson's 1983 hit video "Thriller"! The event took place on Kecskemet (Hungary).

The record was previously held by Canadian fans with 86 people attending in the show.

The new record will be officially recognized by the management of "Guiness Book of World Records".

The event has been recorded by local TV staffs, more footages soon...


Updates in the V&A vs. Jackson Case

"Video & Audio Center" sued Michael Jackson and "MJJ Productions" earlier this year.

On Friday the Judge ordered to enter default of "MJJP".

The next hearing will be held on October 31, 2007.

New Schaffel vs. Jackson Trial?

Michael Jackson's lawyers noticed the court that they have an intention to move for a new trial in the Marc Schaffel case.


Interview With a Former Sony Executive

MichaelJackson.hu conducted an exclusive interview with the former head of "Sony Music Hungary", Laszlo Szuts.

Mr. Szuts reveladed that when the "Cry" video has been released, they were told by other Sony sources that Michael Jackson refused to take part in the making of the video. However Mr. Szuts admits that he doesn't know if it was true or not.

Mr. Szuts also provided us with a list of Jackson's Hungarian album sales:
'Dangerous' - 40.000
'HIStory' - 20.000
'Blood On The Dance Floor' - 15.000
'Invincible' - 9.000
Together with 'Thriller', 'Off The Wall' and 'Bad', the sales are way above 100.000!

"Sony had a lots of great artists, but Jackson was a very different category. The release of any new Jackson material was a special event, and his albums' received more attention then any other artists' release."- said the businessman.

He thinks that Jackson is a great musician, and waits for his next album.


Settlement Hearings Continued in the Wiesner Case

Monday mandatory settlement hearings continued today in the Dieter Wiesner case. According to the latest court documents, the parties did another move to settle the case before it goes on trial.

Michael Jackson Moving Out Of His Las Vegas Mansion

Rare pictures about Michael Jackson moving out of his Las Vegas mansion on June 30, 2007.


Fax From Lola Jackson!

In the middle of the Prescient case, Judge Kevin P. Castle received a strange series of fax messages from none other then 'Lola Paris Michael Katherine Nona Jackson'!

She claimed among others that she has 'MJ Publishing Trust' assets.

Above You can read her fax messages! Have fun!

Menthal Examination on Daniel Kapon?

Michael Jackson's lawyers filed a motion for a menthal examination on the plaintiff in the Daniel Kapon case.


New Michael Jackson Compilation CD

A new Michael Jackson compilation CD has been recently released, called "Greatest Hits".

This new release is available in a 2CD slipcase.


New Official Michael Jackson Product!

"MJ Japan" released a new Michael Jackson merchandise this June. According to the company's press release the official Jackson-stamp collection will be available only in Japan for 5.250 yen (~50 USD) in a limited 10.000 number. Each box has a special cover and 10 different stamps about the King Of Pop.

The product's official website can be found here: http://www.cue-blayn.co.jp

"MJ Japan" is an authorized merchandising and licensing agent for Jackson in Japan.


Interview with Roger Friedman

A personal note: I've decided to do an interview with Roger Friedman, the man hated so much by the fans. I wanted to know what is in his mind for real. I wanted to create a nice thing. But this turned out for something that I can't handle in a positive way... I don't want to generate more hate on any of the sides, this must end now! Peace, Leslie!

(this is a shortened version of the full interview)

MJ.hu: When and how did You start out as a journalist?
Friedman: I started a school newspaper when I was 12 years old, in the 6th grade, and never looked back. By the way, it was composed on a Royal Manual Typewriter.

MJ.hu: Why FOX? And what does the 'Fox411' column mean for You?
Friedman: The Fox News Channel hired me from New York magazine nine years ago. I named the column Fox411 so it would include the network's name and convey information. In America, you dial the numbers 411 for information on the phone.

MJ.hu: Can You remember the first time when You heard about Michael Jackson?
Friedman: I've known about Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 since their debut in 1969.

MJ.hu: Have You ever met with him personally?
Friedman: I met Michael in November 2000 when he was then enthralled with Shmuley Boteach. It was at a dinner party. He wore sunglasses at night, spoke in a hushed whisper, and told me cried often.

MJ.hu: Why did You start to write about Mr. Jackson? What was Your very first article about him?
Friedman: I've been writing about Michael for at least 20 years.

MJ.hu: Am I right if I say that Mr. Jackson has a special position in Your column?
Friedman: Michael is like a lot of celebrities who populate my column.

MJ.hu: What do You think about his music? Do You have any of his CD's in Your home?
Friedman: Michael's music prior to HIStory was pretty damn good. Like everyone, I was a fan of Thriller and Off the Wall. I liked a song he did with Paul McCartney called "The Man" that was on one of Paul's albums.

MJ.hu: Did You know that the fans used Your column as a "bible" for years? Even if You had bad news about Mr. Jackson...
Friedman: That's flattering. I try to report about Michael accurately.

MJ.hu: Now You are banned from most of the fan boards, because many fans feels like You went too far. What do You think about it?
Friedman: As long as they spell my name right, it's okay.

MJ.hu: What are Your feeling towards Mr. Jackson as a person? What did You think about the trial and his innocence?
Friedman: I feel sorry for Michael Jackson. He's in a trap of his own making. For a while he could blame his parents, but his life is own responsibility. He's almost 50.

MJ.hu: Weeks ago Mr. Jackson's spokesperson threated You with a legal action. Any updates or comments on this matter?
Friedman: No. Nothing happened.

MJ.hu: Is it true that a Jackson impersonator appeared on Your birthday party this year? How did this happen?
Friedman: Yes,that's true! Friends of mine thought it would be funny. It was certainly a surprise. The man was very good.

MJ.hu: What would be Your reaction if the fans would invite You to a Jackson party?
Friedman: I'd be honored to be invited.

(if You would like to use this interview, give a return link to my blog)


New Sony BMG "Bad" Release

Sony BMG will release the "Bad: Carbon Neutral Edition" CD on August 6, 2007 as part of it's "Carbon Neutral Edition" series.

It is not known if the are any differences to the original CD.

Unofficial 'Bad' Concert DVD!

An unofficial 'Bad' concert DVD reached out to the markets. The release is also available on Amazon.

Total running: 94 minutes
Format: DVD-5 Video Dolby Digital 2.0 NTSC 4:3 Regioncode ALL
Recorded live at Korakuen Stadium, Yokohama, Japan, September 26, 1987

Tracks: Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' - Things I do For You - Off The Wall - Human Nature - Heartbreak Hotel - She's Out Of My Life - I Want You Back - The Love You Save - I'll Be There - Rock With You - Lovely One - Working Day And Night - Beat It - Billie Jean - Shake Your Body - Thriller - I Just Can't Stop Loving You - Bad


MJ Will Be Deposed in Washington!

MichaelJackson.hu has been informed about that MJ will be deposed in Washington in the next several days!

MJ's lawyers agreed to take a deposition in the Dieter Wiesner case. According to the court documents, MJ will take the questions first, and Wiesner will follow him immediaetly.

A mandatory settlement conference will be held in the case next monday.

We have been informed about that Mr. Wiesner travelled to Las Vegas days ago in order to meet with MJ. Mr Wiesner will leave US at the end of this week.


Settlement In New MJJ Productions Case?

MichaelJackson.hu obtained some court documents from an ongoing legal battle between "Travelers Indemnity Company" and "MJJ Productions".

TIC sued MJJP on June 5, 2006, saying that MJJP breached some contracts.

The trial date has been set for December 4, 2007. However the attached court documents shows that the parties agreed to settle the case out of court.

Updates About The New CD

We have been informed by the producers of the new CD that 'the 5 new titles are tracks written and recorded by the production team inspired by MJ's work'.

As well MichaelJackson.hu received a HD picture about the CD's front cover.


Rare Footage: MJ and Lisa-Marie Presley on Neverland

Rare video footages about MJ and Lisa-Marie Presley on Neverland in 1995.



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Other Court News

In the Ayscough vs. Jackson case the judgement has been released yesterday, however the details are not known.

In the Jackson vs. Bernstein case the parties completed the arbitration, but both of them requested for a jury trial. The trial will start on July 22nd, and is expected to take 10-15 days.

MJJ Music Sued Lillian Goldman!

"MJJ Music Inc." sued Lillian Goldman this February in New York. The case has been dismissed 2 months later. For more details see the court documents above!


Listen to the 4 Never Before Heard Songs

Few days ago we reported about a new MJ compilation CD, called "The MICHAEL JACKSON Cool Down Experience".

This new release has 4 never before heard songs:
The Mystery of Dreams
Last Chance
Brothers of the South
Neverland's Fable

Here You can listen to the songs: CLICK HERE


New MJ Mask in Germany

This full-head mask has been released in Germany on June 24th, 2007.

Funny MJ CD Cover

This compilation CD has been released in Japan on April 25, 2007. The release has a quiet funny cover.

1 PURPLE-BEAT - Thriller
2 HOUSEMASTER - Don't Stop Till You Get Enough
3 QUICO M. - Billie Jean
4 KOKA - Black Or White

6 BIG MAMA Feat. PIP - Shake Your Body
7 KOKA - You Are Not Alone
8 KOKA - They Don't Care About Us

9 KOKA - Bad
10 BIG MAMA - Blame It On The Boogie
11 PURPLE-BEAT - You Rock My World
12 UNLIMITED BEAT - Michael Jackson Medley


"Sunset Driver" on a Compilation CD

Surprisingly "Sunset Driver" has been recently released on a ompilation CD in France


MJ and 'Dreamworls'

Taj Jackson posted a story about the MJ - 'Dreamworks' connection on his personal blog.

However Tay later had to remove this post.

"I was contacted today and was politely asked to remove some "certain things" from my blog."- reveals Taj.

New TV Report from Virginia!

Residents and local reporter weights on MJ's move to Virginia. Teddy Riley has his own studio in the city!

Download it from here: DOWNLOAD

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New FOX Report: MJ in Maryland!

Brand new FOX report about MJ's Maryland visit!

Download it from here: DOWNLOAD

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MSNBC 's Filing in the Jackson vs Universal case

The media wants to get a piece of MJ.