Videos from Larry Nimmer

As it's been reported in the fan community, Larry Nimmer will release a new documentary about Michael Jackson very soon.

Until the new documentary will be available, here You can see some of the footages Nimmer recorded about Jackson:


Michael Jackson For Sale

Channel Five (UK) will air a new documentary called "Michael Jackson For Sale" starting 10pm April 27, 2009. The programme is about the cancelled auction and MJ's financial situation after the trial.


Auction Cancelled - New Release

"A limited number of the Michael Jackson Memorabilia catalogs, being sold separately from the five-catalog box set, are now available for purchase. This fully-illustrated color catalog covers the memorabilia section of the landmark Michael Jackson exhibition. Michael Jackson's stage worn clothing, jewelry, awards, video props and iconic gloves are featured in this 255-page catalog representing 305 lots. The Memorabilia catalog contains the highlights of a career that changed rock music and the world. Own a piece of the history."


Unfinished User Song Featuring Michael Jackson?

A fan informed me about an unfinished Usher song featuring Michael Jackson called Stop Playin'.

There are some blank parts in the song leaked last Summer, most probably kept for Jackson.

You may listen to the song here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuB0pjqmn0M

Thank You Daniel.

Tribute to Michael Jackson in his New Home?

A local bar will host a Michael Jackson tribute band in the pop star's rumored new home in Chislehurst.

The "Ben - A Tribute To Michael Jackson" will show up in the Lounge Bar on June 26th, 2009.


Updates in the Harris-Scott Case

As I have reported, Helen Harris-Scott's case against Michael Jackson is still pending.

However Harris-Scott did not appear on the last hearing yesterday, therefore Jackson's lawyer filed for a dismissal.

The judge will decide on the motion on May 14, 2009.



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Michael Jackson Concert Auditions?

I have been told that the pictures showing Michael Jackson in front of a Los Angeles dance studio were taken after an audition for female dancers for his London concerts.

Jackson rented the Los Angeles Playback Studio for the auditions.

Official website: playbackstudiola.com

New Official Michael Jackson Products

According to several websites, a couple of new official Michael Jackson products will be released in the UK starting from May 15, 2009. The sources states that these are "officially licensed products" coming from MJ Licensing LLC most likely.

Available official items:
Bad Costume ( http://www.jokeshop.co.uk/userdata/PRODPIC-5190.jpg )
Beat It Jacket ( http://www.jokeshop.co.uk/userdata/PRODPIC-5191.jpg )
Billie Jean Costume ( http://www.jokeshop.co.uk/userdata/PRODPIC-5189.jpg )
Michael Jackson Glove ( http://www.jokeshop.co.uk/userdata/PRODPIC-5198.jpg )
Thriller Costume ( http://www.jokeshop.co.uk/userdata/PRODPIC-5192.jpg )
Thriller Wig ( http://www.jokeshop.co.uk/userdata/PRODPIC-5197.jpg )
Long Wig ( http://www.jokeshop.co.uk/userdata/PRODPIC-5196.jpg )
Short Wig ( http://www.jokeshop.co.uk/userdata/PRODPIC-5195.jpg )

Updates in Syl Johnson vs. Michael Jackson Case

The interested parties decided to settle the case on April 1, 2009. The attornies has to file a report about the results of this settlement as late as June 18, 2009.

Most of the defendants has been terminated the same day, among others Tupac Skakur's estates and Universal Music.


New Michael Jackson Book by Bruce Swedien

Michael Jackson's former music engineer will release a new book titled "In The Studio with Michael Jackson" on 272 pages this September.

The description says:

"The inside secrets of Michael Jackson's greatest records by the Grammy-winning engineer who captured and enhanced their sound. Multiple color photos of Jackson, producer Quincy Jones, and all the talents who collaborated to make pop history with Jackson's albums. Plucked from a job at legendary Universal Audio in Chicago, Bruce Swedien entered into a fruitful and historic 30-year relationship with producer Quincy Jones. That partnership culminated in the groundbreaking recordings of Michael Jackson, beginning with The Wiz, continuing with Jackson's breakout solo debut Off the Wall, and triumphing with Thriller, which revolutionized music and video and fixed Jackson in culture as the King of Pop. Now Swedien reveals the technical details of creating those albums (along with Bad, Dangerous, and HIStory) and offers personal remembrances and anecdotes about working with the pop icon. Swedien's book provides an insider's look that will thrill anyone interested in the nuts and bolts of hit making and the history of some of America's most influential recordings. HIGHLIGHTS * Large collection of photographs from Michael Jackson recording sessions * Forewords by producer Quincy Jones and writer/producer Rod Temperton!"