Legal Cases - Updates

Overview of the legal cases related to the Estate of Michael Joseph Jackson:

- Ayscough and Marar - former legal representatives ($200.000)
- Susan Yu - former legal representatives ($340.000)
- Sidney Lanier - former legal representatives ($3 million)
- Atkins Thomson Solicitors - former business representatives ($200.000)
- Cannon and Company CPAS LLP - former accounting firm ($56.000)
- Don Stabler - former business advisor ($180.000)
- Leonard Rowe - former business advisor ($300.000)
- Dr. Tohme Tohme - former business advisor ($2.3 million)
- George Folsey Jr. - former business partner ($1 million)
- John Landis - former business partner ($1.3 million)
- A4V Digital, Inc. - former business partners ($736.000)
- William Bone - former business partner ($ undetermined)
- Segye Times - former family business partners ($7.9 millions)
- LaVelle Smith Jr. - former coreographer ($150.000)
- Arnold Klein - former dermatologist ($50.000)
- Ola Ray - former actress ($ undetermined)
- Lynda Parrish - former personal hairstylist ($212.000)
- Helen Harris-Scott - unknown ($50 million)
- Jackson Prince Michael Malachi Jet - unknown
- Richard Lapointe - memorablia collector ($5 million)
TOTAL: $73 million

Next hearing regarding the creditors claims: December 8, 2009.

Next hearing on the estate issues: November 17, 2009.

Helen M. Harris-Scott vs. Michael Jackson
No updates at all, next hearing: December 2, 2009.

John Landis vs. Michael Jackson
No updates at all, next hearing: December 3, 2009.

Ola Ray vs. Michael Jackson
No updates at all, next hearing: November 17, 2009.

Raymone Bain vs. Michael Jackson
Bain's lawyers urges the Judge to go forward with the case since John Branca and John McClain were appointed as the permanent executors of the estate. However lawyers representing the estate in the case (Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP) are unsure if they will remain as counsel as per the decesion of the executors.

Jonathan Lee Richies vs. Michael Jackson
Erle Bonner vs. Michael Jackson
No known updates at all in these crazy cases.

Sylvester Johnson vs. Michael Jackson
The case has been closed on October 15, 2009 after the parties agreed on the terms.

AllGood Entertainment vs. Michael Jackson
AllGood Entertainment vs. Michael Jackson Estate
The company still wants to get money from the estate, however a dismissal on AEG Live's part is on the verge.

Michael Jackson Estate vs. Heal The World Foundation (fake)
Melissa Johnson's lawyers carefully addressed every paragraph of the original complaint. They admitted some of the accusations, but denied the most. Johnson claims that she has been told to keep MJ's intellectual property by his former management/employees. Next hearing: February 1, 2010.