MJJ Legacy Inc. Has Been Closed

After registering a new agent for MJJ Legacy Inc. and reinstate the company in late August it has been dissolved now. The company has been created in the "Tohme era", it's profile was unknown.


Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour

The MJ Estate's new online team will work under the "MJOnlineTeam" name.
Official website: mjonlineteam.com
Official video page: http://vimeo.com/user5077978
Official Twitter page: twitter.com/MJonlineteam

According to a statement released today the MJ Estate and Cirque de Soleil will announce something important on November 3, 2010 regarding the new MJ show.

What I can tell you about the shows exclusively: The shows' name will be "Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour". The MJ Estate and Cirque de Soleil set up a new company for the joint venture in Delaware under the Cirque Jackson LP name.

According to some documents the show will include a heavy marketing promotion and merchandising. The first date is set for January 13, 2010 for the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California. The pre-sale for this show will start on November 3, 2010 10am.

The official website will be immortalworldtour.com most likely.


Raymone Bain Case Continues

Raymone Bain filed documents on apellate court saying that the Judge's May rule is incorrect.

Bain claims that she received a fax message from MJ on Apriil 24, 2008 saying that MJ wants her back as a General Manager and COO of The Michael Jackson Company. MJ further states that he knew nothing of firing Bain and wants her to continue a negotiation with "Mr. Yakoob" regarding the Brunei Sultan's property in Las Vegas.

Bain says that the document existed back in this May but wasn't in her posession as one of MJ's then employee took it from Bain's office.

Legal Cases Updates

- AllGood Entertainment Inc. vs. Michael Jackson: AGE filed documents on the apellate court on September 17, 2010. No important updates until now.

- AQ Consulting vs. The Estate of Michael Jackson: The Bahrain company sued the MJ Estate because of an alleged unpaid fee of $1 million.

- John Landis and Ola Ray are suing the Estate for unpaid "Thriller" video royalties. Ray's case will go on jury trial next May, while Landis' trial will be decided on October 29th, 2010.

- Jose Freddie Vallejos vs. The Estate of Michael Jackson: The Los Angeles man sued the MJ Estate saying the city shouldn't pay for MJ's funeral. Next hearing on October 28, 2010.

- MJ Publishing Trust has 19 pending legal cases related to copyright infrigments.

- Nederlander Presentations Inc. sued the Estate on June 17th, 2010. They state that the Estate breached a previous agreement with MJ for a broadway musical. Next hearing on October 24th, 2010.

- Richard Lapointe sued the Estate for a never been MJ auction where he bidded over several items. Majority of his claims has been dismissed. Next hearing on March 11th, 2011.

- Seven Echols sued the Estate for unpaid security bills. Next hearing on October 21st, 2010.

- The Estate sued Melissa Johnson for illegal use of MJ's likeness. The second set of lawyers withdrawed from Johnson's side.

- Universal Music-Z Tunes sued the Van Passel brothers in New York, claiming that the court order regarding "You Are Not Alone" is invalid in the USA. Van Passels alleged that YANA was a copyright infrigment of their previous song "If We Can Start All Over". Universal says that the Belgian court did not make an appropiate investigation if the Van Passel song was original. YANA's rights are owned by Universal now.



The second set of lawyers asked for a whitdrawal in Melissa Johnson's case this week. They claimed that Johnson didn't pay them for a while.

I have found a company MJ established on December 24, 2001 for his then proposed "Invincible Tour". The company was managed by John Branca. This is an undoubtful proof of that MJ planned a tour for his Invincible album.

officialmjcoin.com, the website for the proposed official MJ coin set has been deleted recently. No news about the pending legal battle between the Estate and the manufacturer company.


Sony/ATV Debt Has Been Renegoiated!

The MJ Estate deals with two major debts, the first one has been renegoiated late last year and will be paid off late next year.

The other debt that MJ took against his 50% stake in the Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC has been just renegoiated! According to the documents dated for September 15, 2010 Wells Fargo Bank will handle the debts in a complicated agreement between the two parties and various Sony entities.

These debts will be paid off no later than 2015!

Business Entities Updates

Below you may see a list of the active companies controlled by the MJ Estate:
- The Michael Jackson Company LLC (active in Delaware; owns some intellectual property starting with 2006).
- MJJ Productions Inc. (active both in California and Delaware; owns some intellectual property prior to 2006; MJ's production company between 1979-2006).
- MJJ Kingdom Inc. (active both in California and Delaware; it's profile is unknown, created in the "Tohme era").
- MJJ Legacy Inc. (active in Nevada; it's profile is unknown, created in the "Tohme era").
- Fire Mountain Services LLC (Active in California; owns some intellectual property frtom the "Schaffel era").
- MJJ Records LLC (active both in California and Delaware; owns releases under MJJ Music with Sony).
- MJJ Ventures Inc. (active in California; owns certain MJ musical video rights).
- Optimum Productions Inc. (active in California; owns some MJ musical video rights).
- TTC Touring Inc. (active in California; owns some MJ concert footages).
- Triumph International Inc. (active in California; owns most of the MJ intellectual properties since 1984).
- MJ Licensing LLC (active in Delaware; owns some intellectual property in Europe partly owned by the Estate).
- Nation Comics LLC (active in California; owns some intellectual property).
- SEE Virtual World MJ LLC and SEE Virtual World MJ Operations LLC (Active in California; virtual games partly owned by the Estate).
- Jackson International LLC (active in Californai; owns some old MJ business ventures).
- Sony/ATV Music Publishing (active in Delaware; MJ appointed Joel Katz as his representative in the company; owns publishing rights to other artist),
- MJ Publishing Trust (active in Delaware; owns publishing rights to most of MJ's songs through MiJac Music and other artists).
- New Horizon Trust I. (activce in Delaware; holds publishing rights against debts.)
- New Horizon Trust II. (activce in Delaware; holds publishing rights against debts).
- New Horizon Trust III. (activce in Delaware; holds publishing rights against debts).
- Sycamore Valley Ranch Company LLC (Active in Califorina. The Estate owns 50% of Neverland through this company).

Some interesting changes:
- MJJ Productions Inc. is active again in California.
- MJJ Legacy Inc. is active again in Nevada.
- Nation Comics LLC has been activated.