Michael Jackson Estate vs. Howard Mann

As an interesting twist in the story, Henry Vaccaro's private investigator who found the Jackson memorablia back in 2002 filed a petition in the case. He claims that he is entitled to 14% of anything that comes from the collection. And he doesn't care who pays him, Vaccaro, Howard Mann or the MJ Estate.

Mann and Vaccaro jointly filed an opposition that the investigator doesn't have any interest in the memorablia. However they didn't provide any details.

On the other side the MJ Estate filed papers from the 1996 case where the Judge decided to sell the Jackson family estates, except MJ's and Janet's. Now they say that Vaccaro have not been entitled to get any of MJ's properties, neither he could have sell it.
This means that the MJ Estate changed it's strategy, and now they are going after the previous court decesions, and they want to get all the MJ related items, not only stop Mann and Vaccaro.


The Michael Jackson Estate vs. Howard Mann

Howard Mann's lawyers filed their list of witnesses, what is... the strangest set of people ever seen! Just to name a few:
Dr. Tohme,
Katherine and Joseph Jackson,
All the Jackson siblings,
Henry Vaccaro,
Joel Katz,
Al Malnic,
Didier Witzner (might be Dieter Wiesner :) ),
Brian Oxman,
Adam Streisand,
Longdell MacMillan (aka. Londell McMillan :) ),
Randy Phillips.

They are citing multiple letters between parties like Brett Livingstone-Strong, Henry Lowell and Katherine.

On the other side the MJ Estate named his witnesses as well, where similar names appears, with the addition of Trent Jackson and Melissa Johnson.

The case might go to trial with the estimated start of June 11, 2012.

Steven Echols vs. The Michael Jackson Estate

I have been asked about the Steven Echols vs. The Michael Jackson Estate case. Below you can read some details:

- Echols claimed that he and his company was in contract with MJ as bodyguards between February and December 2008. He said that the invoices has been given to MJ's then people, but not paid at the time of his death in the amount of $300.000

- First the MJ Estate denied all of the claims.

- There are no details about the settlement, however it has been requested by the MJ Estate on the court.


Lloyds vs. AEG Live and The Michael Jackson Company

As the media reported, the Lloyds sued both AEG Live and The Michael Jackson Company this week. Below you may read some details about the case:

- Lloyds and AEG started negotiations for a while about the insurance payments due to MJ's death. But according to Lloyds, AEG refused to handle important documents and informations to them regarding MJ, AEG and Conrad Murray. Therefore Lloyds is not willing to pay any money, or not the full amount.

- The insurance agreement refers to MJ as "Mark Jones" and to his company as "The Mark Jones Company LLC" for privacy reasons.

- Interstingly the agreement was about 30 concerts, therefore MJ planned way more than 10 concerts from the very beginnings. That doesn't support the claims that MJ has been pushed into more concerts without his knowledge.

- According to the agreement there were some restrictions, like Lloyds' representatives should have seen MJ on one of the London rehearsals, as well to see his medical reports. That finally never took place.

- According to the papers MJ hasn't visited any doctors since his 2005 trial than "cosmetic doctors".

- The insurance agreement details how the stage would have been look like, and it's moving parts. As well it lists all the team members appearing on stage.

- It's been planned the MJ will live in a rented place paid by AEG Live UK. He would have been move by 2-3 cars, and the travel time would take 20 to 60 minutes depending on the traffic. He would have been accompanied by Karen Faye, Conrad Murray and his children on occasions. Plus 2-3 bodyguards.

- MJ would have been arrive to the UK on or around 4th of July, 2009 by a private chart. The first rehearsal would have been on the 8th, of July.

- AEG expected 43 million USD in incomes after the first 30 shows.

- MJ did not agree to any "meet and greets" kind of parties.

- Dr. Tohme Tohme was also covered by the policy.


The Michael Jackson Estate vs. Joe Jackson

As the media reported, Bravado International Merchandising Services Inc. sued Julian Rouas. Bravado is licensing the Michael Jackson likeness from the MJ Estate, and Rouas is the partner of Joe Jackson in creating a series of parfumes as announced recently. Because of the close connection between Rouas and Jackson, Bravado most probably consulted with the MJ Estate about launching this case.

The case itself is very similar to the ones that Bravado filed in the past couple of months against plenty of other parties. They are referring to the merchandising deal they have with the MJ Estate, and claiming copyright infrigment. They


Melissa Johnson Tidbit

Melissa Johnson's new lawyer claims that the Michael Jackson Estate tried to "influence the previous attorney with monetary compensation". He furthermore says that Johnson's side will hire more attorneys who have great experience within intellectual propert cases.