The Essential Michael Jackson - Limited Edition 3.0

Above you can see the cover of a new Michael Jackson compilation CD released on August 26, 2008.


Mister Lonely DVD

Mister Lonely DVD will be released in Australia on July 16 and also in the UK on July 28.

Above you can see the proposed cover designs.


Updated Official German Website

Michael Jackson's official German website has been update in the honor of the pop star's 50th birthday:



Michael Jackson Visited London?

Several unconfirmed sources say that Michael Jackson visited London last week.

According to a London court website there was a hearing on July 11 in the Al-Khalifa vs. Jackson case (aka. 2 Seas Records agreement). It was a pre-trial hearing without the jury's appearance.

The case is based on the allegation that Michael Jackson backed out on a promise to record a cover version of an Elvis Priestly record (unnamed). They are suing for $5 million in damages plus the cost of full accommodation and hospitality for himself and his three children for 12 months.

A London Heathrow staff member spotted Jackson at the weekend flying back to LA (uncomfirmed).


Official Dismissal Court Papers

Transitional Investors was the one who requested the dismissal.


One More Case Settled!

Michael Jackson's lawyers settled another court case today with Transitional Investors LLC.

Transitional sued Jackson exactly one year ago because of alleged unpaid fees.

The details are not known as yet of now.

Now Jackson has only ONE court case left.


"Triumph - Expanded Edition" Tracklist

Below you can see the tracklist of the new "Triumph - Expanded Edition" release with all the bonus tracks:
  • 1. Can You Fell It
  • 2. Lovely One
  • 3. Your Ways
  • 4. Everybody
  • 5. This Place Hotel [aka Heartbreak Hotel]
  • 6. Time Waits For No One
  • 7. Walk Right Now
  • 8. Give It Up
  • 9. Wondering Who
  • 10. This Place Hotel [aka Heartbreak Hotel/single version/bonus track]
  • 11. Walk Right Now [John Luongo disco mix/bonus track]
  • 12. Walk Right Now [John Luongo instrumental mix/bonus track]


King of Pop In Hungary!

The new "King Of Pop" CD will be released in Hungary on August 29, 2008.

You can place your votes here:

Jackson AD:


Thriller Casino?

It's been widely rumored that Michael Jackson will open his own "Thriller" themed casino in Las Vegas.

What I can confirm is that Jackson teamed up with "Plainfield Gaming Inc.' this February. Plainfield is a subsidary of an investment company with business interests in several well known casinos.

However it's not clear if this collaboration is about another loan or a new venture.


More King of Pop

The "King of Pop" will be released in Sweden, and will be available in Germany and UK as well: