Interview with Roger Friedman

A personal note: I've decided to do an interview with Roger Friedman, the man hated so much by the fans. I wanted to know what is in his mind for real. I wanted to create a nice thing. But this turned out for something that I can't handle in a positive way... I don't want to generate more hate on any of the sides, this must end now! Peace, Leslie!

(this is a shortened version of the full interview)

MJ.hu: When and how did You start out as a journalist?
Friedman: I started a school newspaper when I was 12 years old, in the 6th grade, and never looked back. By the way, it was composed on a Royal Manual Typewriter.

MJ.hu: Why FOX? And what does the 'Fox411' column mean for You?
Friedman: The Fox News Channel hired me from New York magazine nine years ago. I named the column Fox411 so it would include the network's name and convey information. In America, you dial the numbers 411 for information on the phone.

MJ.hu: Can You remember the first time when You heard about Michael Jackson?
Friedman: I've known about Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 since their debut in 1969.

MJ.hu: Have You ever met with him personally?
Friedman: I met Michael in November 2000 when he was then enthralled with Shmuley Boteach. It was at a dinner party. He wore sunglasses at night, spoke in a hushed whisper, and told me cried often.

MJ.hu: Why did You start to write about Mr. Jackson? What was Your very first article about him?
Friedman: I've been writing about Michael for at least 20 years.

MJ.hu: Am I right if I say that Mr. Jackson has a special position in Your column?
Friedman: Michael is like a lot of celebrities who populate my column.

MJ.hu: What do You think about his music? Do You have any of his CD's in Your home?
Friedman: Michael's music prior to HIStory was pretty damn good. Like everyone, I was a fan of Thriller and Off the Wall. I liked a song he did with Paul McCartney called "The Man" that was on one of Paul's albums.

MJ.hu: Did You know that the fans used Your column as a "bible" for years? Even if You had bad news about Mr. Jackson...
Friedman: That's flattering. I try to report about Michael accurately.

MJ.hu: Now You are banned from most of the fan boards, because many fans feels like You went too far. What do You think about it?
Friedman: As long as they spell my name right, it's okay.

MJ.hu: What are Your feeling towards Mr. Jackson as a person? What did You think about the trial and his innocence?
Friedman: I feel sorry for Michael Jackson. He's in a trap of his own making. For a while he could blame his parents, but his life is own responsibility. He's almost 50.

MJ.hu: Weeks ago Mr. Jackson's spokesperson threated You with a legal action. Any updates or comments on this matter?
Friedman: No. Nothing happened.

MJ.hu: Is it true that a Jackson impersonator appeared on Your birthday party this year? How did this happen?
Friedman: Yes,that's true! Friends of mine thought it would be funny. It was certainly a surprise. The man was very good.

MJ.hu: What would be Your reaction if the fans would invite You to a Jackson party?
Friedman: I'd be honored to be invited.

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Anonymous said...

interesting will we get the full interview? you shouldn't sensor yourself, an interview is an interview, good or bad.... i don't think you should worry about not creating more "hate" it couldn't possibly get worse that it is now....

so I think you should just be brave and post the full interview

Anonymous said...

I think so, too! Release the whole thing, it won't change a thing now!
Egyebkent, amit akartam mar irni neked, mert lattam tobbszor ezt nalad mikor irsz a forumon: a "Te"-t csak mi magyarok irjuk nagybetuvel, az itteniek egyenesen hulyenek neznek erte, mert itt nincs tiszteletadas, ugy mint nalunk. En is sokaig igy probaltam tiszteletet adni, mig nem szoltak, hogy inkabb zavaro, mint sem ertheto miert irom nagybetuvel. Szoval nyugodtan you-zad oket.;) Nem fognak megharagudni, barkirol is legyen szo! - Edina

Anonymous said...

I think you should post the whole interview too. How many times have Jackson fans complained about the press clipping stuff down and not giving us the full picture (like Bashir).

Why shorten it? All that does is make it look like you have an agenda and don't want to show anything that you don't like.

Anonymous said...

Can you please post the full interview? PLEASE!!!! Thanks.