Interview With a Former Sony Executive

MichaelJackson.hu conducted an exclusive interview with the former head of "Sony Music Hungary", Laszlo Szuts.

Mr. Szuts reveladed that when the "Cry" video has been released, they were told by other Sony sources that Michael Jackson refused to take part in the making of the video. However Mr. Szuts admits that he doesn't know if it was true or not.

Mr. Szuts also provided us with a list of Jackson's Hungarian album sales:
'Dangerous' - 40.000
'HIStory' - 20.000
'Blood On The Dance Floor' - 15.000
'Invincible' - 9.000
Together with 'Thriller', 'Off The Wall' and 'Bad', the sales are way above 100.000!

"Sony had a lots of great artists, but Jackson was a very different category. The release of any new Jackson material was a special event, and his albums' received more attention then any other artists' release."- said the businessman.

He thinks that Jackson is a great musician, and waits for his next album.


femmecafe said...

interesting.... thanks for the interview....

is it possible for you to interview or ask someone at Sony/Epic and find out why they still list Michael Jackson as one of their artists? As I understand it.... his contract with epic ended in the early 2000's why is he still listed on their site?

Pierpinto said...

Thank you so much.Very interesting !