Updates About The Unreleased Michael Jackson Tapes

Richard Altomare, the former president of Universal Express threated Michael Jackson several months ago with taking him on court and "giving the boy a lesson". Now Jackson prepares for his next studio album, and Altomare is busy with keeping his ass out of jail.

Altomare turned out to be a professional scammer who tried to get posession over some unreleased Jackson tapes. Below you can read the latest updates about these tapes:

"Altomare initially insisted in writing that he, not Universal Express, owned the master tapes of the Jackson recordings, and did not turn over those tapes to the Receiver until ordered to
do so by this Court. (See Order of Jan. 11, 2008.) In any event, the cost of the litigation over the
memorabilia, in addition to the cost of the memorabilia’s maintenance and preservation, will
likely turn out to be more of a liability than an asset for Universal Express."

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