Updates in the John Landis Case

Updates in the John Landis Case

According to my information there are two different cases launched by John Landis.

Landis sued Michael Jackson first through his production company on January 21, 2009. This case has been well publicised by the media around the time.

However Landis filed another case as an individual on January 28, 2009. In this second case Landis sued the Nederland Organization as well, saying that the company has no rights to licence the Thriller video for the Broadway.

Jackson's official spokesperson, Tohme R. Tohme and Jackson's new business partner, James L. Nederlander has been deposed in the case already.

Next hearings:
03/02/2009 - Non-Appearance (Case Review)
05/18/2009 - Initial Status Conference
05/11/2009 - Initial Status Conference

Court documents for the second case: http://reporter.blogs.com/files/thriller.pdf

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