Michael Jackson Legal Issues - Updates

The recent days' focus point of the Michael Jackson related news' were on Jackson's legal issues. Here you can read a factual overview of his ongoing cases:


John Landis vs. Michael Jackson
A trial setting conference has been set for September 9, 2009. No other information leaked as yet of now.

Raymone Bain vs. Michael Jackson
No updates since last Wednesday, neither new hearing dates set.


Sylvester Johnson vs. Michael Jackson
The parties agreed to settle the case out of court, and will do so before June 8, 2009.

MJJ Productions vs. Julien's Auctions
The original case has been dismissed on May 11, 2009 for MJJ Productions's request.


Helen Harris-Scott vs. Michael Jackson
Jackson's lawyers requested for a summary judgement yesterday. A conference case management is set for the judgement on September 1, 2009. The case will be dismissed most likely on that day.

Billie Jean Jackson vs. Michael Jackson
The Judge decided to have a conference case review on July 6, 2009., because there were no updates in the case since last December. The case will be dismissed most likely.

Ola Ray vs. Michael Jackson
Sony BMG Music Entertainment filed for a final judgement, that the Judge just approved. Despite media reports Ray formally did not sue Jackson again. She has filed for a new case, but the Judge did not rule on that yet.


AllGood Entertainment vs. Frank DiLeo
Despite the company's threat, there is still no sign of any legal action taken.

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