Raymone Bain Case Continues

Raymone Bain filed documents on apellate court saying that the Judge's May rule is incorrect.

Bain claims that she received a fax message from MJ on Apriil 24, 2008 saying that MJ wants her back as a General Manager and COO of The Michael Jackson Company. MJ further states that he knew nothing of firing Bain and wants her to continue a negotiation with "Mr. Yakoob" regarding the Brunei Sultan's property in Las Vegas.

Bain says that the document existed back in this May but wasn't in her posession as one of MJ's then employee took it from Bain's office.


Anonymous said...

what is the status with the allgood lawsuit ?
is it closed or still open ?

what is the status with the raymone bain lawsuit ?
what does it mean to "file documents on apellate court" ?
do you think the estate will be forced to pay raymone bain money ?

LeslieMJHu said...


The AllGood Entertainment case is on apellate court as well.

Apellate court means that there was a decesion on the judge's side, but one of the parties did not agree with that. At the moment it's hard to predict what the judge will say about Bain's new claims.