15 Months Of The MJ Estate

In the past 15 months I have been reporting mostly about MJ Estate related informations. I insisted on the first anniversary of MJ's death, but I have to highlight it again: In my opinion the MJ Estate did a GREAT job!

They not only managed to keep up MJ's empire, but they sorted out personal, business and legal matters. Racionalised the MJ Estate's spendings, created new ventures, hired well known people, paid off debts, look after intellectual properties, fought in legal matters. And most importantly: maintained MJ's legacy and made the fans happy.

Would you imagine to have a new MJ album full of unreleased tracks (released on December 10, 2010), a new MJ video collection with unreleased footage (released on November 22, 2010), a new MJ video game from one of the biggest manufacturers (released on November 26, 2010) and a new MJ world tour with Cirque De Soleil (tickets on sale November 3, 2010) at the same time?

If anyone from the Estate reads this, some observations from my last 15 months experience:

- The Family is a key issue, as we can see in the case of the new album release...

- The licensing rights are still shaky, another key point for creating a good brand (MJ Licensing, MJ Asia Rights, Vintage Pop Media issues).

- Paying off the debts, and resolving the Neverland issue is an important PR matter.

- More control over the new released, there are plenty of bugging CD's coming out using MJ's name.

- Get ahold on concert footage and release later, fans are dying to get them.

- There is a lot more in the online business. Planet Michael is a good start, but the official websites should be updated, centralised and other ventures can be launched. Online and mobile business is before a big boom.

Thank you for all the MJ Estate people, especially Mr. Branca and Mr. McClain.


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