Holiday Tidbits

Despite my previous blog entry, the MJ Estate just reinstated MJJ Ventures Inc. As well they have changed the address both of MJJ Ventures and MJJ Productions Inc. to the Estate addresses (entity address of John Branca, agent address of Michael Kane).

On the other hand I just realised that MJ's original Heal The World Foundation that has been dissolved back in 2002, now operates under Melissa Johnson's name and is active again. Unbeliavable!

First Commemorative Inc.'s case against the Estate just continued. Both parties stick to their original story, so the case might go to trial soon.


Anonymous said...

You have said that the sony/atv debt will
be paid off by 2015.Does this mean that the
jackson estate will be in probate court
until 2015 ?

Please continue with your blog !!!!

LeslieMJHu said...


I don't see the connection between paying off the debts and beeing in probate court. So my guess would be not.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your work from Russia.
We read with attention.

God bless you!

Really? said...

"Heal The World Foundation now operates under Melissa Johnson's name and is active again."
YAY!! I am happy to see Mrs Jackson and Howard Mann helped this hospice nurse and resurrected the Foundation that Michael put into her name to run for him!! Hurray!!

Anonymous said...

I am all for Melissa Johnson, Kathrine Jackson, Howard Mann and The Heal the World Foundation. All good things.