Most of the Michael Jackson company addresses has been changed to Howard Weitzman's office address recently.
As well the companies have a new CPA: Miller Kaplan Arase and Co. LLP.

Hamid Moslehi, MJ's past personal videographer registered several audio/video materials recently. The materials consists recordings of MJ concerts and his personal life. Will he expose them somehow?

And if someone reads this from the MJ Estate: all the Estate owned domain redirections are not working, except MichaelJacksonLive.com


pinappu said...

Alas! The greatest pop star of all time is no more among us.

Michael Jackson: And Justice for Some said...

Hi Leslie,

A question. In 2008, a Circuit City version of Thriller 25 DVD was registered for copyright under the name MJJ Productions, but had the Ziffren law office and address listed for the copyright claimant. Do you have any idea why? A Branca hater is using that info to state that he was harming MJ, but I'm sure there is a logical explanation for this.

LeslieMJHu said...


The "Thriller 25" trademarks and copyrights has been registered for Triumph International Inc. and for MJJ Productions Inc. John Branca and his office only represented MJ as legal people in this matter. As the above mentioned companies were solely owned by MJ, I really can't see how they could harm him.