New Uri Geller Interview

New Uri Geller Interview

Uri Geller recently gave an interview to a Hungarian radio station in which he talked about Michael Jackson as well.

Uri revealed that his friendship with Jackson is over.

"I don't wanna talk about it..."- said Uri.

He insisted that the breakup with Jackson started out when the pop star did several outrageous anti-semite statements. However Uri admitted that he can not be sure if Michael really said anything like this.

Uri furthermore discussed his participation on the "Invincible" album, and about the famous hypnosis story. He was very positive and supportive towards Jackson.

"Michael said to me under hypnosis, that he paid the kids because he could not take the pressure anymore. He is innocent, I'm 100% sure of it!"- said Uri.

"I've made a big mistake! I introduced him to Martin Bashir. He was the one who produced that documentary about Michael, that was the core of all of his problems."- however in Uri's opinion Jackson did a mistake as well.

"I feel like that he is still very angry at me."

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