Michael In Bossa

A recent CD release from Universal Japan.

"The music of Michael Jackson like you've never heard it before -- served up in a gentle bossa nova mode that's miles from Motown and from his bigger hits of the 80s! The tunes here are plenty darn familiar, but the versions are all quite fresh -- contemporary bossa takes on the older sounds of Jackson -- done by a handful of like-minded artists who give the album a very unified feel. Material was originally recorded by the Albatroz label in Brazil -- and although the singers vary a bit from track to track, its our guess that instrumentation is by a core jazzy combo on all the numbers. Titles include "Beat It" and "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough" by Chris Delano, "Human Nature" and "Rock With You" by Marcela Mangabeira, "Billie Jean" by Barbara Mendes, "The Lady In My Life" by Dudu Braga, "Thriller" by Lulu Joppert, "Man In The Mirror" by Paulinho Loureiro, and "I Can't Help It" by Deco Fiori."

Here You can hear snipets from the CD:

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