The Lost Jackson Tapes and Proposed Family Tour

You read it here first:

Back in late 2007 Jane W. Moscowitz, in her capacity as court-appointed Receiver of Universal Express, Inc. filed a request on a New York court to get possession of the Jackson master tapes.

Later the court ordered Richard Altomare to turn over the tapes to the receiver. In the meantime Michael Jackson's legal counsel informed the reciver that such titles may be protected by copyright law. The tapes are stored in Miami. By clicking on the link below you may get a full list of the Lost Jackson Tapes:

As a surprising move once Altomare tried to sell or promote the Jackson master tapes as a part of a Jackson Family tour! In a letter dated on July 12, 2007 Altomare explained the profit split he proposed from the promotion of the master tapes as follows:
50% to Universal Express
25% to Kingdom Entertainment
25% to Jackson Family

(Kingdom Entertainment was Jackson's former partnership with the richest man in the world)

In case if the Jackson Family tour goes live Don King would receive his "consulting fees" (10% of Universal's part). Altomare's wild dreams about releasing ringtones and having Michael Jackson as his spokesperson can be read in the following document:

Hope that you all have a better understanding now about the "planned Jackson tours" and other rumors.

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