Universal Express Case Closed

Judge Elizabeth Gonzales decided to close down the Universal Express case this Wednesday.

Gonzales ruled on the last hearing that Universal has to delivery 25 lots to Michael, and 35 lots to Janet Jackson of their own personal items.

However the ownership on the rest of the collection is still disputed. Universal purchased the Jackson memorabilia from Vintage Associates LLC. Universal failed to pay the full amount of $3.850.000 but only paid $150.000 to Vintage. Because of this failure Vintage claims that title to the collection did not pass to Universal.

In the meantime two other entities, Winter International Investment and Overtoun Holdings, also claim ownership of the collection. Vintage sued them in New Jersey. It is not known at this time whether those parties will continue to assert a claim to the collection.

Michael and Janet Jackson sued Universal in Las Vegas right before the action went on. The matter has been settled, and the court ordered Universal to send back some of the personal items to the Jackson siblings. Later Universal violated this order. Gonzales ordered them to pay fees of opposing counsel, but those fees were never paid.

Universal agreed to return certain items to Janet and Michael Jackson. However Vintage has intervened in that litigation, claiming that it is the owner of the goods. Luckily this part of the case has been already closed this Wednesday.

What about the rest of the memorabilia? All the items are in the possession of the receiver of Universal (the company is in liquidation). The items are stored in Las Vegas and New York.

It has been confirmed that certain master tape recordings of the Jackson family are in the receiver's possession as well, and in insured storage in Miami.

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