Updates On New Michael Jackson Releases

As it's been reported on many websites, Michael Jackson will release new official figures through his "Triumph International Inc." (the products are licensed by "Ecbizz Japan Co. Ltd." from "MJ Marketing (Asia-Pacific) Pte. Ltd.") together with "Hot Toys Japan Co. Inc.".

Three different types will be available for the public:

- January 20, 2009: CosBaby - Michael Jackson Thriller Student figure
The figure will be available in the Japanese HMV stores only in a limited number edition (for sale in Hong-Kong and Japan only).


- January 20, 2009: CosBaby - Michael Jackson figures
Jackson and Hot Toys will release 7 figures, six of them known prior to the order and one surprise (for sale in Hong-Kong and Japan only).


- February 20, 2008: MIcon - Billie Jean figure
This new "larger then life" release can be changed on 38 points!


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