Michael Jackson's Licensing Issues

Updates to my December 6th, 2008 post regarding Michael Jackson's licensing business issues:

- Jackson's original licence owner company "Triumph International Inc." (TI) has been suspended for sure both in California and Delaware. However in the very same year someone registered "Triumph International LLC" in Delaware. It's still unclear if the second company does belong to Jackson.

- It seems that "TI" is still the sole licence owner of Jackson's merchandising rights worldwide, however "TI" sold these rights in Europe to "MJ Licensing LLC" (MJL) until June 2012. Jackson most probably has a 75% stake in MJL.

- Jackson has established "MJ Marketing (Asia-Pacific) PTE LTD" (MJM) through "TI" back in 2002. The company is still active and handles Jackson's merchandising businesses in Asia ("MJ Japan", the Japanese clothing line, the new Thriller figures all does belong to "MJM").

- I have reported about another merchandising company of Jackson's called "Michael Jackson Mystery Holding Ltd". The Hong-Kong based company once responsible for the "Mystery" drink has been suspended this August.

- "MJ Company LLC" is still a mystery for many reasons. The company is still active in California, and was responsible for Jackson's touring plans after the "HIStory" era.

There is still a lot to do with Jackson's merchandising businesses. It seems that the star and his people has to negoiate with third parties to resolve these matters.


Anonymous said...

Could somebody let me know who has the license now?

Anonymous said...

Hi there i am looking at the info on here, do have any links so i can see it on the state site? please

LeslieMJHu said...


Look out for entity databases and San Francisco Superior Court website.