Michael Jackson Owned Properties

I have made a research on Michael Jackson's known properties. Below you may see an overview:

Jackson Family home in Gary (Recent picture above)
According to the official papers the property's current total value is over $19.000 and owned by the Jackson Heirs Trust (Katherine and Joseph Jackson). Some sources says that Jackson bought the property back in early 2003. There are no liens or unpaid taxes on the property.

Jackson Family home in Encino
The Jackson Family compound is worth around $3 million. According to the official papers, the home is owned by Jackson himself. There are no unpaid taxes on the property, but a $4 million mortage lien.

Katherine Jackson's home in Las Vegas
The property's title once bought by Michael to Katherine has been moved to the "Land Title of Nevada Inc." back in 2003 in Katherine and Joseph Jackson's bankruptcy case. According to several sources, Katherine still has the rights to stay in the home. There are no liens or unpaid taxes on the property.

Neverland Valley Ranch
Jackson did not visit the famous ranch since his 2005 acquittal. The farm is owned by a joint venture between Jackson and Colony Capital (Sycamore Valley Ranch Company LLC) since late 2008. There are no unpaid taxes on the property, but a $24.5 million mortage lien.

Los Angeles property
Jackson reportedly owns a Century City hideout, but no further information is known about this property.

Rented mansions
According to the media reports, Jackson recently rents two mansions, one in Las Vegas and the other in Beverly Hills.

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Meermaid said...

so the leasing of the Bel Air Mansion is confirmed by Tohme. Very interesting the last sentence!

Michael Jackson leases pricey Bel Air estate

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The King of Pop is back — in town, that is.

Michael Jackson has signed a year-long lease on a mansion in the swanky Bel Air area of the city, a spokesman for the singer said Wednesday.

Jackson has been staying in the estate for about a month, said spokesman Tohme Tohme, who called the property "a little bit more than an average home."

The lease agreement, first reported Monday by the Los Angeles Times, is for $100,000 a month. The home has seven bedrooms, 13 bathrooms and 12 fireplaces.

Jackson, 50, relocated to the city with his three children to be closer to Hollywood and the entertainment industry, said Tohme, promising that "the second half (of his career) will be better than the first."