Michael Jackson Auditorium Still Covered

Unfortunately the letters on the "Michael Jackson Auditorium" in the King of Pop's former elementary school are still covered.

Recent video (November 4th, 2008):


Anonymous said...

But does it really matter

Chelsea Doll said...

This is my old school too! They use to have a picture hanging in the office of Michael Jackson walking down the yellow brick road with all the children. And they also had a huge picture of Michael Jackson hanging in the Michael Jackson Auditorium. At the end of my third grade year, my teacher removed a poster from the chalkboard revealing Michael Jackson's signature on the chalkboard.

After 2003 they boarded up his name on the Michael Jackson auditorium. And the pictures were taken down. His name is boarded up to this day. I wanted to protest! This would be a good time to start!

Anonymous said...

Chelsea, don't fret my dear. God knows where Michael's heart was, as it has always been--The Good.
If they leave it covered, then it would prove that the cowards in that school, and those who support them never deserved the use of Michael's name, and that they were
NEVER up to any good--ONLY to get publicity for their school and it's judgemental STAFF. How sad.

Anonymous said...

michael jackson was a great person.
i really wish they reveal his name.
i am so sad.
R.I.P. Michael jackson
King of Pop

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