Joesph Jackson vs. Conrad Murray

I haven't covered Joe Jackson's case against MJ's one time doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray. Below you may read some interesting parts of the case:

- Joe believes that besides Murray there are other persons or business entities who are responsible for MJ's death. And he will file lawsuits against them as soon as he gathers enough information. No more details about this.

- According to his information, Murray met with MJ in Las Vegas in 2006 and first threated MJ's kids who were suffering from colds and flu.

- After that Murray and the entities he was a president or owner offered MJ certain medical services as per his personal needs.

- On May 3, 2009 the organisers of MJ's then planned tour and Murray entered into a written agreement about that Murray will provide these medical services as part of the "This Is It" world tour. What's interesting: the agreement covered states of Texas where the world tour might visit, besides California and Nevada.

- It's interesting that according to Joe's filings, AEG complained to MJ the same day that he is not participating the show preparations. They believed MJ is under the influence of different drugs he might get from Dr. Arnold Klein, another doctor of MJ's. AEG demanded to stop visiting Dr. Klein and instead using Dr. Murray's services. AEG promised 150.000 dollars per a month for Murray to render his services and wean MJ off the medications they believed MJ was in dependence.

- On May 12, 2009 Murray's office bought the first set of Propofol's for MJ.

- It was AEG who promised to Murray to provide him with the needed equipments and a nurse for MJ. Murray sent an e-mail to AEG on May 28, 2009 impatiently demanding for the equipments they agreed on.

- On June 18, 2009 MJ did not appear on the rehearsal as he should have. The very same day AEG's agents traveled to MJ's house and they said they were there for a "drug intervention". They demanded MJ not to attend Dr. Klein's office again, because they thought the drugs MJ got from Dr. Klein made him sleepy and prevented him from rehearsing. They threated MJ: if he misses out any further rehearsals, they will stop the show preparations, stop paying for MJ's house and all expenses. There would be lawsuits and his career will be over.

- According to Joe, MJ appearad the same day in the Forum seemingly furious. He "stormed" into the building visibly upset. Murray was there as well for AEG's direction.

- After another night when Murray gave different medications to MJ to make him sleep, MJ appeared in the Forum on June 19, 2009. According to Joe's information he seemed drugged and disoriented.

- In the following days MJ didn't have to appear for rehearsals. The next time he was with the team was on June 23, 2009 in the Staples Center. MJ was still disoriented and freezing cold according to some sources. His assistants had to give him several shorts to wear under his long heavy coat because he was so cold. As well he had to have a heater at rehearsals.

- When the paramedics arrived to the UCLA hospital, Murray identified MJ under the name "Soule Shaun".

- According to Joe's version of the story, MJ was confused, easily frightened, unable to remember, obsessive, and disoriented in May and June in the year of his death. He is refering to the concert footages, where MJ is always fully clothed in the summer, while others wore scant clothing.


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