New MJ Album

I have been asked about if there are any new MJ albums in the near future. At the moment I have no direct connection to Sony, because of this I can rely on the Estate announcement from this Summer.

I did a research on the issue:

- None of the Sony websites (including international ones) say anything about any new MJ material. That doesn't mean anything.

- Neither any of the major retailers website lists any new MJ material. This doesn't mean anything again, new titles can be added easily.

- What's very promising: the Estate is visibly busy with registering and taking care of unrelated MJ materials within different organisations. Below you may find a list of these activities:

Unreleased tracks from 2008-2009 are copyrighted by his Estate. Includes works with Bradley Buxler and Michael Durham: I Was The Loser, Adore You, Boy No, Changes, Days In Gloucestershire, Don't Be Messin', Hollywood, I Am A Loser, Innocent Man, Jungle, Just Remember, Light The Way, Neverland Landing, Pray For Peace, Rocker, Thank Heaven, World Of Candy, 11pm, Bottom Of My Heart, Butter Funk, Children's Hour, Green Hornet Groove, I Love You More, King Tutankhamun, Lovin You, Pajamas, Photographs, Photographs 2 (Instrumental) , Pray For Peace (Instrumental), Shut Up And Dance, That (Instrumental), Think Twice (Instrumental), Walk Away (Instrumental), You Are There (Instrumental), MJ / BB Orchestral Idea #1., MJ / BB Orchestral Idea #3., MJ / BB Orchestral Idea #2., Brad Loop 3700, Brad Loop 3.3.7 MJ, Michael's Affirmation (Instrumental).

Unreleased tracks from 2007 are copyrighted by his Estate. Includes works with Eddie Cascio, the so called "MJ Song Books".

Unreleased tracks registered recently with BMI: Doing Dirty (Victory era), Man In Black (Dangerous era), Verdict (Dangerous era), Remember This Night (Thriller era), She Got It (Dangerous era), Seven Digits (Dangerous era), Who Do You Know (Thriller era), Michaelmania, Pressure (Dangerous era), Just Feel It (Victory era).

Unreleased tracks recently released with ASCAP: The Pain (Invinclible era), The World Is No Church (Invincible era), Seduction (Invincible era).

In my opinion new MJ materials will arrive this Winter.


Anonymous said...

Hi leslie

How do you know, for example, that "Remember This Night" comes from Thriller era ?

LeslieMJHu said...


MJ created "Remember This Night" with Paul McCartney. Because of we know of no other collaborations between the two, it's almost 100% that the song has been made around the "Thriller era". Some sources says that this isn't a whole song at all. Anyways MJ's Estate recently registered it.


Anonymous said...

Ok, so, this is their last collaboration
it is very strange that these songs are registered only now...