Michael Jackson Estate vs. Melissa Johnson - Exhibits banned from trial!

The Michael Jackson Estate requested the court to bann Melissa Johnson's part to present any of their exhibits on the trial. The Judge presiding in the case just approved this!

The reason for this request: the MJ Estate gave a list to the defendants as well presented their exhibits one month ago. Since then they continually requested for the same from the other side, that didn't happen. Even 1 week before the trial.

For example in the case of Katherine's declaration, the fifth page of her statement is missing, and none of the mentioned exhibits has been provided to the plaintiffs.

This means that on the non-jury trial Johnson's side can not present any exhibits in their posession related to the case.

Now Johnson's side is in a deep... problem.


Anonymous said...

"Now Johnson's side is in a deep... problem."

Quote of the day.

Anonymous said...

The only reason Melissa Johnson did not want to share her exhibits with the Estate is because her exhibits have nothing to do with the case in question. It's just a pile of junk specially compiled to defame John Branca. Her whole defense is built around that, making baseless attacks on John Branca and at no point has she ever made even a single attempt to answer the pending charges.

I hope Melissa Johnson and her crooked gang end up in jail. They should be prosecuted. The Estate should report them to the police after the case has been resolved.

Anonymous said...

Well, Melissa Johnson was always in trouble from day one. She was just delaying the inevitable i.e she's fighting a lost battle.

Anonymous said...

"I hope Melissa Johnson and her crooked gang end up in jail. They should be prosecuted. The Estate should report them to the police after the case has been resolved."

I agree. Granted, the Estate is only interested in claiming what is rightly its i.e the rights to MJ likeness, image and intellectual property. But it should not stop there.

We fans will still feel preys of her scams even when this case is over. I mean what's to stop her to execute the next scam in her book? So the Estate must report her to the police for prosecution. She's committed a lot of criminal activity already. from fraud, perjuries, to forgeries, and misrepresentation. That's enough to warrant a prosecution. The woman should be locked up with the keys thrown into the sea. Only then will the fan community and general public will be set free.

Anonymous said...

Brillant! The Estate means business. You don't wanna mess with the executors. Those guys don't joke!

Anonymous said...

"The Estate means business. You don't wanna mess with the executors. Those guys don't joke!"

Joe and Oxman, is that understood?

Anonymous said...

I won't be surprised if Katherine Jackson's declaration is squashed by the court. Anyone wanna bet?

MJFUL said...

Michael is watching over this case...

Susan62509 said...

Thank you for the information today Leslie. Much appreciated.

10:27 a.m. - Yes, I agree, Katherine's declaration will be squashed or perhaps not even submitted to court since yesterday when she denied saying or signing it. See her declaration in this link with page 5 missing: http://www.radaronline.com/sites/radaronline.com/files/healworldredact.pdf

Also her declaration has her signature on a blank sheet not carrying over any text from the body of the document which is not legally acceptable.

Melissa should be prosecuted and also reimburse all people that contributed money to her fake HTWF.

Mann should be prosecuted for putting minor children into his contract & deceiving an elderly person.

Anonymous said...

leslie, are you sure ? because the doc signed by the judge yet ?

Susan62509 said...

Katherine Jackson Fires Her Lawyer
Katherine Jackson has just escalated her battle royale with the Michael Jackson Estate by firing her lawyer.
TMZ has obtained a letter Katherine sent to Adam Streisand, wishing him the best on the one hand ... and giving him the boot on the other.

The letter does not explain the reasons for the firing, simply saying, "... I have decided to move in a different direction."

But sources connected with Katherine tell TMZ ... she's upset that Streisand gave TMZ a statement yesterday in which he said Katherine "denies signing any statement to the court that makes accusations against the executors of any wrongdoing with respect to her son or his estate."

The Heal the World Foundation had filed a declaration -- purportedly written by Katherine Jackson -- in which she accused John Branca of being a crook who stole from Michael.

Streisand told TMZ Wednesday, "She did not and would not make any such statements about the executors."

Sources connected with Katherine do not dispute Streisand's claim that Katherine never said or believed the executors were crooks. So it's unclear what got Katherine so upset that she fired Streisand.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... some of the people who have Katherine's ear have it out for the Estate and actually wrote the declaration with the accusations and were upset that Streisand blew the whistle on them.

Here's the letter:

Anonymous said...

This is very sad news, so the big guys with their ARSENAL of attorneys got to suppress evidence, this just goes to proof they are WRONG

Anonymous said...

If John Branca has a solid case why has he asked the judge for this?? What is Branca hiding? If Melissa is a fraud. Branca i right why stop her presenting her case? make me very suspicious

Anonymous said...

Why supress evidence if you are so truthful. Let the defendants defend.

Anonymous said...

Get your shit in on time and you can present evidence. This isn't Perry Mason. GO BRANCA GO!

Ivy said...

It has been 19 Months that this case has been filed. Let me repeat it 19 MONTHS. If 6 days before the trial they don't have their evidence exhibits ready it's HTWF's issue. You cannot blame the court or Estate or Branca for HTWF's inability to get prepared for the case , they had 19 MONTHS.

and judge went with middle ground in regards to the evidence.