The Michael Jackson Estate vs. Melissa Johnson - Updates

More witness declarations in the above titled case:

- Brian Oxman testified that he has been called by Johnson in late 2004. She wanted MJ to be reminded about the expiration of the Heal The World Foundation.
Oxman said that back then he was MJ's attorney, but been released of all and any of his obligations, that the MJ Estate confirmed in a letter this January.
He said that in late 2004 Johnson asked for a meeting regarding the foundation, and explained her never ending story of the expiring domain names and trademarks. Oxman presented these informations to MJ, who said that he had a contract with Johnson previously about HTWF. Oxman furthermore states that MJ was furious at Lavely and Singer (Evan Spiegel), because he felt they abandoned him. And he wanted the company ran by Johnson, furthermore she can use the trademarks for selling items. As per Oxman's declaration.

- Howard Mann said that he started to have business with Katherine and Joseph in late 2009. They signed the business agreement in February, 2010. The deal was about the coffee table book Katherine later released.
Mann and Johnson first met when Katherine asked him to assist "her favorite charity" in some matters. The two has been introduced by the parent's manager. Katherine asked him to help Johnson to keep the HTWF properties. The next day Mann paid 10.000 for that purpose. He claims that after the MJ Estate found out their business relationship, they started to attack each of them.

- Mel Wilson made his statements as Johnson's longtime helper. The two worked together since 2001.
I was surprised to see that an e-mail I sent to Johnson 4 years ago has been included in the case as evidence. :) This was an e-mail I sent to her right after I found out in 2007 that she is collecting all kind of MJ domain names. Because of I didn't know anything of her motivation I started like i'm into buying one. Anyways now i'm really part of the case. :)
The rest of his declaration is already known from other sources. He surprisingly often argues with Spiegel's declarations and previous statements.


Ivy said...

I thought of you when I saw the "one prominent Jackson blogger" definition in the court documents :) what did you write about HTWF at that time? I remember you posting on MJJC that 2008 charity was fake.

They also reference a user with the nick name of "kate". We (MJJC) still have her posts in our archives. I dug them up. It turns out she was a person that joined and donated HTWF after Michael's death but then banned for asking questions about charity's legitimacy. Later on she started posting on MJ boards telling her story.

LeslieMJHu said...


I was surprised as well. :)
As I can remember the fake thing was that.

Melissa Johnson messaged me couple of days ago to sort out the things.


Ivy said...

Did your "grasp of the facts surrounding this case" got better ? :)

The above is a joke and probably won't mean anything to the people that didn't see the statements.