The Michael Jackson Trip 2.

Some more info:

Grammy museum: yesterday I visited the MJ exhibition down on the Olympic Boulvard. MJ has only one wall with appr. 7-9 costumes, majority of them owned by his Estate. Except two suites that is owned by John Branca. On the ground floor in the merchandising store you can get some MJ items licensed by Bravado or the Grammy museum (they are selling posters licensed by MJ Licensing Llc as well, hope the Estate people are aware of this).

Thriller house: the location where the famous video has been shooted is pretty empty now. Actually the house is falling apart and it's hard to even know if you are on the right place. Nothing shows the importance of that place.

Let me know if you would see actual pictures of the places and I will upload them.


Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie

We will appreciate some pictures.

Thanks indeed.

Bridgett_361 said...

Hi leslie thank you and please do post the photo I would love the see them.

#1MJstan said...

My friends and I did our own MJ tour of L.A. last year around his birthday. We visited the Thriller house and I wish someone would clean it up. It would be nice if the house was bought by the estate and moved to a location where it can me dedicated to MJ.
We also saw the warehouse where Beat It was filmed..It's located in Skid Row, downtown LA

Last Days said...

Yeah please show the photooo
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Nando said...

Very interesting. Please tell us more about your trip !

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