The Michael Jackson Trip

I made a trip to California to visit the famous MJ places. Though I can't say anything revealing, I share my experiences here (at the moment I'm sitting in the grass in front of the Neverland gates).

Gardener street elementary school: I was surprised how close it is to the center of Los Angeles. Nothing interesting to say, it's a small downtown school building. MJ' name still uncovered!

Hayvenhurst property: Surprised again. I knew that this compound isn't that big, but it was even hidden under some trees. No sign of fame or rich, all you can see is a big brown gate. Many security cameras, visible alarming system and a note from the local police. That's what shows that something is going on in. Related to the other MJ places Hayvenhurst isn't that "shiny".

Neverland property: I took a helicopter ride over Neverland so I could see everything pretty good. Everything is moved out, no animals either. However the property is in pretty good condition. I have been told that they are working on taking back the train, as well some elments of the entertainment park. Lots of people were moving on the ground, busy working on the renovation. The front gates are just as they are on the pictures. It can be seen that someone is taking care of things here. There is a 24 hours security next to the front gates. To show how busy things are here, two cars were leaving Neverland and a bunch of tourists stopped here over the past 30 minutes (most of them not recognising the gates for first).

Hollywood star: The only star where people gathered on Hollywood Boulvard. And I'm not saying this because I'm a fan of his. People were in lines to take a picture of his star.

Madane Tussaud museum: They have a special tribute to MJ, a room on the second floor filled with 3 MJ figures (little Michael, Bad era, Invincible era). A plate states that MJ was the most portraid in the history of the museum.

Carolwood compound: It's in pretty condition, and under sale. People were busy here as well, cars were coming and going.

Forest Lawn: Beautiful place, however not much to see there. The gates are closed and you can just imagine what is in there (glasses are darkened). Fans were coming and going, some emotional scenes to see there.

Captain EO: It can be found in Disneyland's Tomorrowland section. I attended 2 shows, that ran with almost full house. At the beginning the presenter asked who is an MJ fan: everyone screamed and clapped! The movie itself is good, but of course to see MJ again is what takes your attention. There is a merchandising store next to the theather with t-shirts and caps.

In a nutshell, I see big interest in MJ here, and definiaetly people's opinion just got better of him. There are some people, especially his Estate who are taking care of his legacy. However Neverland has great unused possibilities in my opinion...


Bridgett_361 said...

Thank you for the "picture" I can just imagin the tour, and wanting to take one.

strid said...
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strid said...

Hi Leslie, just found your blog. Lots of information. Thank you for posting it all!! Interesting to read about your MJ-tour. Next year maybe I'll visit the USA, and make a MJ-tour myself.
Keep on posting!!
Kind regards from the Netherlands, Amsterdam,
Astrid :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info! Planning my MJ-tour next summer!:)
Best regards from Denmark!

Sasha Chou Photography said...

very cool