Nederlander Presentations Inc. vs. Michael Jackson Estate

The plaintiff sued originally Michael Jackson and later his Estate claiming that they signed an agreement to produce a "Thriller" musical for the broadway. However this deal never realised.

Now the case has been dismissed for the plaintiff's request, no further details are known.


Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie

Do you have any updates on other cases?

The fake heal the world foundation was appealing the court decision. Do you have any updates?

Raymond Baine's $44m lawsuit was under appeal. any updates on her appeal?

same with the AllGoodEntertainment. Their $300m case was thrown out and they appealed the court decision.

LeslieMJHu said...


I previously posted all the information I have about the pending legal cases.

In the Howard Mann case the only development is that both parties agreed to keep some of the information as confidental.

In the Melissa Johnson case they had a judgement again yesterday, what the court didn't make public. What comes out from previous documents is that Johnson was worried about that her past actions would affect her personal property, and now she tries to act only as a representative of the defendants in this case. She still claims that she didn't agree to the previous amended judgement and claims some of the properties as hers.
Most probably the court ruled in the MJ Estate's favor.

Neither Raymone Bain's or AllGood Entertainment's case has been renewed.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Leslie for the updates. Very much appreciated. Have a great week-end :)

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