The US claims that the president of Equatorial Guinea refuses to return materials he got through stoling his country's money. President Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mbasogo amongst others bought Michael Jackson memorablia for 32 million USD. I still don't know which collection he got, that includes MJ's Bad tour gloves.

Freddy DeMann's case against the MJ Estate is still ongoing on the Los Angeles Superior Court. Amongst others they claim: "Now that the recordings, dances, likeness, styles and public persona of Michael Jackson created while Mr. DeMann and his companies managed Michael Jackson have been translated into the newest forms of amusements ranging from video games to Cirque Du Soleil, the executors of Michael Jackson's Estate have elected to deny plaintiff DeMann its rights under the 1978 management agreement."

Julien Entertainment.com demands $600,000 from Live Auctioneers, an online auction site, claiming it suffered those damages defending a lawsuit from a bidder in the 2009 auction of items from Michael Jackson's "Neverland."

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