Howard Mann's Lies

Henry Vaccaro had another deposition this March in regards of the Michael Jackson Estate vs. Howard Mann case.

Vaccaro testified that he and Mann had a fake contract in order to mislead Katherine Jackson. Mann told to Vaccaro that Katherine would not do anything with the Jackson Collection, until Vaccaro is an interested party (Katherine was still furious over Vaccaro because he seized some of the family items in a previous litigation).

It was Mann's idea that they should create a fake agreement saying that Vaccaro sold everything to Mann, however nothing such has happened. As a result of this maneuver they can get Katherine i
involved with the Mann businesses.

Based on the deposition transcripts, Vaccaro is disappointed with Mann's actions. He is criticising him, and insisting that he only wanted to see some money from the deals, but had nothing to do with the everyday operations.

Vaccaro furthermore stated that Mann lied about the sale numbers of the "Never Can Say Goodbye" book. Mann's website, JacksonSecretVaults.com stated that they sold 25,000 copies within 48 hours, however Mann admitted to Vaccaro that it was "all for hype". Vaccaro recalls that the total numbers were very far from this.

In regards of the "Vintage Pop Media" logo what clearly shows MJ leaning from the "Smooth Criminal" video, one of Mann's lawyers said it's a "public domain" and it was Fred Astaire's lean, not MJ.

Mann claims in his papers that the infamous "Destiny" song fiasco was caused by Vaccaro, as Vaccaro sent the sound recording to him represented to be an "original".

In the meantime both parties filed their witness lists. Two names may be interesting from Mann's side: "Dr." Tohme, MJ's infamous manager; and Charles Sullivan, the Promoter of the Jackson Victory Tour.


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