Michael Jackson Asia Rights Co II.

Despite the efforts of the Estate of Michael Jackson, some brave people in the far Japan are still using MJ's image... illegally.

See my previous entry on this matter: http://lesliemjhu.blogspot.hu/2010/07/michael-jackson-asia-rights-story.html

The "Michael Jackson Asia Rights Co. Ltd." is still active, and coming up with new "surprises". Like a "Jackson family dinner" held sometime this July with the participation of guess who? Josehp Jackson and Dieter Wiesner. Only 50 people could attend the event, that had a special Neverland dinner amongst others.

The company furthermore announced on their own that from July 10, 2012 they decided to sell "official" MJ items. See the whole list here: http://mja-rights.com/img/news/Mjgoods.pdf

Well, It seems they did not read the recent news regarding Howard Mann's copyright infrigment case.

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