Legal Updates

Meliisa Johnson have found a new legal counsel, only 5 days before the deadline. She requests another 30 days extension to go through the documents with the new representatives.

Raymone Bain wants to apellate in her case against the Estate. She blames her previous legal counsel for missing out important dates and misleading her. Bain admits that she offered 40% of the money awarded by the court if the attornerys will win the case. She met with John Branca on October 6th, 2009 in the hope for peacefully settling the case. However her than counsel advised her not to accept any offers from the Estate. The Estate rejected her creditors claim on April 6th, 2010.
Bain claims that she is in good relationship with the Jackson Family, helping them with other issues, and attended the ceremony for MJ's first anniversary.
The Judge granted a 14 days extension for filing her papers.

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