More About The 273 Jackson Master Tapes

It's been reported in the media that Howard Mann, Katherine Jackson's new business partner bought a warehouse of Jackson memorablia including 273 tapes of unreleased Jackson songs.

According to my information these are the same memorablias as owned by Henry Vaccaro, who is in several litigations over the items. Vaccaro claims in a June 30th, 2010 court paper that his company (Vintage Associates LLC) still owns the property. He most likely owns the above mentioned master tapes as well, as a result of a 2009 settlement with it's previous holder.

This means that Mann couldn't buy the songs, but most likely teamed up with Vaccaro and others to exploit the warehouse's content. For that purpose three new entities has been setup in California (VINTAGE POP MEDIA GROUP, LLC - VINTAGE POP MEDIA MUSIC, LLC - VINTAGE POP MEDIA ONLINE, LLC). No information on the exact ownership of these companies.

More to come on vintagepopmedia.com


Blanaid X Lives said...

Hello LeslieMJHu,

I came across your blog while doing research. I am researching all of this since quite a while now, always looking for facts. I am tired of all the rumours. I appreciate your clear presentation of facts. I had been looking for information on Vintage Pop and the whole Schaffel/Vaccaro/Mann issue but hitting on rocks with regard to Vintage Pop (what a name...) - in this context, thank you for your recent blog about Vintage Pop.


Anonymous said...

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LeslieMJHu said...

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